The long awaited launch of Amazon Prime has finally come to Australia, with the service now available offering free 2-day shipping to some cities, and a host of other benefits for a fee.

The Amazon Prime launch in Australia doesn’t quite offer as many perks as it does in the US, and as a result the price for joining is also less. Starting with a free 30-day trial, the service will cost either $59/year or $4.99/month until the 31st of January 2019 when it jumps to $6.99/month.

Though perks for joining include free 2-day domestic delivery with no minimum purchase to most cities, which Amazon says will cover ‘nearly 90% of Australians’. You’ll also get access to free standard international delivery on eligible orders over $49.

Jamil Ghani, Vice President, Prime International, Amazon said

We hope that Australians will love free two business day delivery on products from Amazon Australia and free international delivery on products from Amazon U.S., all available to customers on

Other perks included with Amazon Prime in Australia includes access to Twitch Prime which includes ‘a selection of free games every month to keep forever, access to free in-game loot, and a premium experience on Twitch’. Prime customers also get access to Prime Video which include access to Amazon originals including The Grand Tour, American Gods and The Man in the High Castle.

Lastly you’ll get access to Prime Reading, which is ‘a rotating selection of over a thousand e-books, comics, short works and more’ through Amazon’s Kindle hardware, or through their Kindle apps for Android and iOS.

If you’re interested you can head over to Amazon and kick off your 30-day trial of Amazon Prime now.

Source: Amazon.
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    Appears they have introduced a global store with products from Amazon US. They handle the import fees etc

    Richard Frost

    Isn’t Amazon blocking international orders from Australia post July 1 2018 due to their refusal to follow Australian Govt GST rules – but they are offering Prime Members “.. FREE Standard International Delivery
    Get free delivery on eligible orders over $49 shipped from Amazon US .. ” – what the??


    Yeah, that confused me too. I suspect that the Amazon Prime team hasn’t been informed of decisions taken in the wider Amazon business.


    It is and has been quite clear since they announced it. Has nothing to do with Australia Post. not a single thing. This relates to the AU government pandering to their rich mates by removing the $1K tax free threshold for items bought overseas. They are forcing companies to collect the gst and remit to Australia no matter where they are. Amazon has said this is too hard to co-ordinate world wide so they are restricting Australians to purchasing from the AU site thus simplifying their GST requirement. They will have a section of the AU site where you can… Read more »

    Richard Frost

    You misread my comment – which says “Isn’t Amazon blocking international orders from Australia post July 1 2018” – i was saying that POST (after) July 1 these rules take effect.


    Ahh got you. Sorry about that. But at least the rest was accurate 🙂