The option to check your text messages in a browser is one-step closer to reality with Google announcing the service – as well as four other new features will be going live this week.

The Android Messages web service will be a see users pairing their phone to their browser via a QR Code similarly to how Google paired their Allo client to the web last year. The Android Messages web client is now live at, where you’ll see a set of instructions and the large QR Code needed to pair your phone.

The main component to getting this working is missing though, with the option to scan a QR Code not yet present in the Android Messages app. Though Google says in their announcement post that the service will be rolled out from ‘Today and over the next week’.

Also arriving in Android Messages this week is GIF search, accessible by hitting the ‘+’ button on the left hand side of the compose bar, which will then let you search for GIFs for your conversation.

Also arriving this week are Smart Replies, suggesting quick text or emoji responses to your messages and the ability to see an inline preview for URLs included in your Messages conversation.

Finally, Google is making it easier to copy and paste those 2FA security codes you get sent to you via Text Message. Google says with this latest update you’ll be able to copy the password directly from the message with a tap, then you can just paste it where it needs to go.

As per above, the Android Messages on Web feature will go live from today, with the other features starting to appear over the next week. You should ensure your Android Messages app is up to date to make sure you can access these new features as soon as they go live.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Are you looking forward to texting in your browser?

Source: Android Messages on the Web.
Via: Google.
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    I can copy codes – have been for a couple of weeks now. No web messages though.

    Paul Moss

    I’ve had smart replies and the copy function for a couple of weeks now and I love it.


    Patiently waiting for this update to appear on my phone!


    An update appeared on my phone last night…. but wasn’t this update.
    App version date is from last week… looks like i am a week behind : (


    no messages from the web on my app yet….smart replies for awhile now… oh well hurry up and wait

    Andrew Priest

    I currently use Mighty Text but looks like this may wipe them out.


    I’ve been getting a lot of those “smart replies” the last couple of days, and damn they are a) smart and b) have a wicked sense of personality. One where a friend texted me they were heading off to have a shower, and one of the smart responses was a wink emoji (thirsty Google!), one where a friend was disparaging another friend, and Google was quick to want to agree to that (mean Google!) :P.