Google’s data usage tracking app Datally has given users a new way to track and restrict the data used by apps on their devices. Today they’ve announced four new ways the app can be used to save data with a new guest mode, Daily Limit, unused apps data tracker and a Wifi map.

The Guest Mode is a must-have for anyone who hands their phone over to someone, like say your kids. You can now set a limit and once they hit it, that’s it, no more. Likewise the ‘Daily Limit’ feature lets you control your own data usage on a daily basis. Once a maximum daily data limit is set, you get notifications and warnings as you approach that limit before it cuts off – you can of course just keep going, but having that warning is usually enough to curb your use.

The WiFi map is an addition to the WiFi Finder function that was included when the app first launched in November last year. Now, you can see where hotspots are on an easy to use map, and Google lets you rate the WiFi once you’ve connected – just remember to use a VPN on any WiFi hotspot you use that you don’t trust (that’s all of them).

Google is also adding in an option to check what all those unused apps you have on your phone are doing. We all have apps installed that we never use, but some of them are sucking down data, and now it’s easy to find which ones are and how much, or simply remove the app with a single tap.

The update is apparently rolling out in an update through Google Play right now.

Datally: data saving app by Google
Datally: data saving app by Google

Source: Google.