Google’s efforts to simplify their music streaming and video service under the YouTube banner is pushing ahead today with the official launch of YouTube Music and Premium.

Google has announced that both services are now officially available to everyone in he U.S, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Korea, Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The payment structure hasn’t changed since the original announcement, with YouTube Music including a free, ad-supported service that will allow you to access all the new features of YouTube Music, though a AU$11.99/month paid tier will offer benefits including ad-free content, background playback, and offline downloads.

The YouTube Premium service is priced at AU$14.99 per month, but also includes YouTube Music Premium and access to YouTube Original series like Cobra Kai and the simply awesome Impulse series.

Note Australian pricing above.

For existing YouTube Red and Google Play Music subscribers, this includes those subscribed to family plans, Google says that they will automatically receive access to YouTube Premium (which includes YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music) at their current price.

If you want to check out the services separately you can check out YouTube Music here, or YouTube Premium here.

Source: YouTube.
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    Anyone know how to transfer your playlists/ thumbs up list from Google Play music to youtube music?

    Phill Edwards

    I expected Google to do that automatically. This whole thing is very confusing and if we have to manually recreate playlists or liked tracks I will definitely be looking to move somewhere else like Spotify.