The OPPO Find series is back. At their event in Paris, France this morning Oppo has unveiled the first OPPO Find phone in four years. To herald the return of their flagship line, OPPO has pulled out all the stops holding the event at the Louvre to bring an innovative, and quite beautiful looking phone to market.


The obvious headline feature for the Find X is the lack of a notch in the 6.4″ 1080p resolution OLED display. OPPO is calling this display their Panoramic Arc Screen. The screen has a 1.65mm bezel either side, and a 3.4mm chin at the bottom making for what OPPO says is a 93.8% coverage on the front of the phone.

The cameras – both front and rear – are hidden beneath the curved 3D glass that adorns the front and back, in a motorised assembly which slides up in under half a second when the camera app is opened or when the lock screen is accessed. In terms of durability, OPPO says they’ve tested it to over 300,000 times.

The cameras are nothing to be sneezed at either with a 25MP sensor in the front and dual camera setup incorporating a 16MP and 20MP sensors on the rear. OPPO has included AI in their cameras with the ability to recognise 21 independent scenes, 800 scene combinations, and implement special optimisations for all of them.

The front camera module also includes a host of sensors for a 3D facial scanning system called ‘O-Face’ for security on the Find X. O-Face builds a face map projecting 15,000 light points on the face with the map stored in their Trusted Execution Environment for security and uses a ‘3D Structured Light module’ which includes flood illuminator and IR Camera to let you unlock your phone even in low-light.

OPPO is so confident of their 3D Facial scanning system that they’ve dropped the fingerprint sensor entirely. Once the phone is powered up, the motorised cameras pop up, scan your face and you’re away. It’s looks fast, but we’ll have to wait for a review unit to really check this out.

Internally the phone is, like the leaks suggested, using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB of RAM, and has 256GB of on-board storage. The phone is powered by a 3,730mAh battery which of course supports their VOOC fast charging.

The phone is of course running Color OS, based on Android 8.1 and OPPO says that the Find X will support the Android P Beta. OPPO has included Google Lens and Google Assistant in the Color OS build as well. We’ve had problems with OPPO’s implementation of Android previously and we’ll see how this latest version goes when the phone arrives.

Oppo is also launching their version of Apple’s Animoji, with the OPPO Omoji. Using the O-Face 3D Structure Light tech, OPPO’s Find X will build Omoji that capture your facial expressions in real time and then let you export the results to an album or use them in chat apps.

Oppo Find X Automobili Lamborghini edition

OPPO has also announced a special edition Automobili Lamborghini edition of the Find X. The Lamborghini edition will include tweaked design with a carbon fibre layer peering through the glass on the rear with a 3D engraved Lamborghini logo on the rear. The phone will also be delivered in a special edition packaging, with special edition yellow coloured braided USB cable.

The phone will also have Super VOOC Flash Charge, a new version of their proprietary charging system. Super VOOC Charging will charge the 3,400mAh battery in the Lamborghnini edition in 35 minutes using a 10V5A charger.

The Automobili Lamborghini edition of the Find X will also have an updated storage with a massive 512GB of on-board storage.


The phone will be available in two colours – Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue – for €999 with the phone going on-sale in Europe in August. OPPO says the Find X Automobili Lamorghini Edition will cost €1,699, though no dates have been given for launch.

OPPO hasn’t shared any details on international availability beyond advising it will be going on-sale in the US. We’ve asked OPPO Australia for more details on a launch here and we’ll let you know if there’s any updates.

Source: OPPO.
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    When is coming in Australia Sydney


    Wait….. “O-Face” ?


    “1080p” No it isn’t, there’s pixels missing where the corners should be.

    Jeni Skunk

    In 1080p, the 1080 refers to the screen height in pixels, in landscape, the p refers to the progressive scan display format.
    It doesn’t refer to corner to corner measurements.


    I was being facetious :). Although, if you were to watch a 1080p movie at native resolution on this you wouldn’t be getting the whole picture.


    You would since it is taller (1080 x 2340 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio)
    16:9 fits inside 19.5:9


    i thought 845 does not support 5G but only up to 1.2Gbps, and since Telstra and Optus are likely to begin roll out of 5G next year, it feels like it is not a good purchase


    No finger print reader = no go. at that price (min $1700AU ex gst) no thanks. All else looks brilliant but if I wanted an iPhone interface I would buy one.


    I think it’s a bit rich locking the fast charge away behind the Lambo paywall. How fast does the standard edition charge?

    Kevin Davies

    The problem with breaking with tradition is it breaks with convention too. I applaud OPPO for their innovation but without a fingerprint sensor many financial apps will not accept face unlock as a secure alternative on Android. I wish it wasn’t so but that’s the way it is.



    Kevin Davies

    Yes you have to fallback to using a pin


    a small price to pay, if it was Apple they would be calling it “courageous”. 🙂

    Kevin Davies

    I don’t disagree. The point of having a fingerprint was to do away with the pin, so it’s a step backwards. Until Android’s face ID is recognised as “secure” their is still a need for a one touch security solution. #firstworldproblems


    Financial apps serious about security shouldn’t allow biometric authentication as the only factor anyway, since it’s a bit hard to revoke a fingerprint or face.


    the phone looks awesome tho i wonder how a case would work on this phone and i wonder how good the camera is

    Mike Stevens

    That is mighty nice. Although with no fingerprint sensor, the faceID is the only login option that isn’t pin/pattern… wonder how demanding that’d be on both the slide mechanism over time and the battery over a day.


    I would be a bit anxious regarding the pop up camera too Mike .
    Me being a clumsy old bugger ,
    i wonder what will happen the first time i fumble the phone with the phone lens sticking out and it takes a hit on the coffee table on the way down ?
    Phones these days are already fairly delicate ?.