After a long wait, Google Australia has finally announced that the Google Home Max will be heading down under in August.

While pricing hasn’t been announced, nor an exact date for launch, the Google Assistant powered speaker will arrive at some stage in August. The Google Home Max sells for $399USD in the United States (without sales tax) which is around $542AUD at the moment as a direct conversion, so a $599AUD price tag wouldn’t be unheard of when it arrives.

The Google Home Max is a much larger speaker when compared to the standard Google Home, or Home Mini, but it includes more powerful, and just plain more speakers with two 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers, two 0.7-inch tweeters, adding up to a sound that Google says is 20 times louder than Google Home. Google Home Max also features a Google AI powered function called ‘Smart Sound’ which can automatically adapt itself based on where it’s placed in the room, to give you better quality sound.

The Home Max is designed to blend into your home, and comes in either Charcoal or Chalk colour options and is able to be positioned either vertically or horizontally on your shelf. For those with the budget, you can purchase two and pair them with wireless stereo pairing, as well as incorporate them into your multi-room audio setup.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Google Home Max you can head over to the Google Store and click on the product page for Home Max then choose to be notified when it arrives in the store. It’s likely you’ll be able to find these at retail when it launches, but at this stage Google hasn’t announced any further information on that front.

Source: Google Store.
Via: Google.
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    Does this have 3.5mm input?

    Paul Knight

    I’ve been very happy with a mini and a JBL playlist, which was about $100, you can easily tell the mini to play all music though the playlist.


    so i can buy 18 google home mini’s instead of this (when on sale)
    put them all over the house and play in sync.


    You can get Minis for ~$33 when they’re on sale?? That’s impressive! I’ll have to keep my eye out for those sales.

    Having said that, having one in the bedroom the music quality of a Mini is vastly lower than the music quality of the normal Home I have in the lounge, so if the Max is that much better again… I’d probably just pay more for a normal Home than a few extra Mini’s even at $33


    Or you can get one mini, a decent app, and some decent speakers, and wire in the aux port that google ‘forgot’. Then you have better quality and still have money left over for an Echo Dot.

    Luke Roberts

    decent app or decent amp?


    Glad its finally coming, even if its a product that doesn’t really have a place in my life personally. I mean the main place I’d put such a thing is the room which has a proper hifi system and so using a Home Mini + a Chromecast Audio plugged into my hifi fills that gap.


    Yet if the Mini had a 3.5mm audio out port (like the Echo), you wouldn’t even need to buy the Chromecast Audio.