For the past few years Google has made it easier for users to control the security on their Google accounts. Today that are announcing that they are not only making it easier to control your account but at the same time provide more detailed information.

The new update designed to make everyone safer online with their Google account but not only making it easier to navigate around your account but also make the security and privacy options more prominent. It will also provide summaries of everything to do with your Google account including devices, payment methods, purchases, subscriptions, reservations and contacts

Yet more ways to navigate around

Just as they have done for Google Assistant there are now more ways to navigate around your account including a new search functionality. Along with a search function Google have added a support section to easily upgrade your storage or get answers from the Google community.

Personalisation of privacy and security

Privacy is a personal issue and many different ideas of what security they would like and what they are comfortable sharing with the Google world. For this reason Google have made it easier to access the “Data and Personalization” tab to control the activity data that is saved in your account.

The new Security Checkup introduced last year is expanded up with Google proactively scanning your security details and offer suggestions for you to improve your security such as removing your accounts from devices you no longer use.

Overall these new changes will offer uses a much easier way to control their data, its security and how it is used. The update is available today for Android users and will be arriving for iOS and web users later this year.

Source: Google Blog.