HTC have decided to only release one flagship this year. There will not be a usual version and a plus version and an ultra version. It is the U12+ and that is it.

HTC have today announced that the HTC U12+ is now available for pre-sale from the HTC website. The U12+ will be available to Australians in only the Transparent Blue (which is not a bad thing as it is stunning in looks) for $1,199. Pre-orders will begin shipping by the end of July.

HTC are sweetening the pot for those pre-ordering with every pre-order receiving a free Harman Kardon Onyx Mini wireless speaker valued at $179 “while stocks last”.

The HTC U12+ is packed full of high end specs sporting a Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. Included is a microSD slot that can also be used as a second SIM slot making the U12+ dual SIM – both SIMs are 4G. HTC have also included a dual rear camera which according to DxOMark is the highest rating dual camera smartphone on the market right now.

We’re still testing out a retail unit now after our review, which you can read here, if you’re ok with the early software that HTC says they’re working to fix, then head over and pre-order now.

Source: HTC.
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Matthew Becker

Still nothing on carrier availability?

Jeni Skunk

The only good point about the Australian market lack-of-colour-choice is that we didn’t end up copping the boring Ceramic Black as the only colour we’re allowed. At least the Translucent Blue is a better colour than that.
However, I reckon Flame Red is the best colour the U12+ is being made in, and we aren’t going to be allowed to get that.

Joseph Sheu

Scott, can you report whether the retail unit you guys have supports things like VoLTE on the major networks?

Joseph Sheu

Thanks for the info Scott !