Fossil Group, the company behind a number of Android Wear OS watches launched over the past few years but a notable exception from their list of hardware specs has been NFC. That looks set to change with new watches listed on the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website which include NFC.

The filing at the FCC under UK7-DW7A lists seven models – DW7F1, DW7M1, DW7E1, DW7E2, DW7S1, DW7B1, and DW7T1 – though these are likely to either be variants of one model for some of their sub-brands, or simply different case sizes, or minor cosmetic differences, with Fossil advising in their filing ‘The only differences between these models are the color, strap material, and the chassis. These differentials are mainly for marketing purpose, there is no change in radio frequency, conducted RF output power, radio frequency circuitry, and functional capabilities’.

There’s also speculation that more models could be on the way, with reddit users finding listings for a ‘DW6’ and ‘DW8 models on the Fossil regulatory compliance website.

Hardware wise, the FCC filing doesn’t list much – the regulatory body is really only interested in the wireless side of things, not CPU, screen etc. – but the watches will both include Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi.

The watches listed are definitely Wear OS, with screenshots of the FCC label ID – and instructions on how users will access it – included in the FCC filing.

Fossil Group makes watches under their own brand, as well as under other well known fashion brands including Misfit, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Kate Spade New York and more recently Marc Jacobs with the Riley Touchscreen. It’s unclear which of the brands the watches at the FCC will be released as, but we’ll soon see.

Source: FCC.
Via: 9to5Google.