If you’re in the market for a Chromecast 2 it’s a good time to buy with both Google, and retailers around Australia discounting the second generation dongle.

The Chromecast 2 is being discounted by $10 on the Google Store, but it’s at retail where you’ll find some better deals. Both Officeworks and Harvey Norman have discounted the Chromecast 2 to just $44, while JB HiFi is next cheapest at $48. Bing Lee have simply decided to matched the Google Store discount at $49.

In terms of functionality the Chromecast 2 is similar to the more expensive Chromecast Ultra which sells for between $88-$99, but there are differences. Chromecast Ultra able to stream content in up to 4K resolution (3,840×2,160) whereas the Chromecast 2 is limited to 1080p. The Chromecast Ultra also supports high dynamic range (HDR) video, whereas Chromecast 2 does not.

Chromecast Ultra also comes with an option for wired ethernet, whereas the Chromecast 2 is limited to WiFi unless you try to source the specialised adapter from the US.

If you’re after a Chromecast 2 you’re likely better off grabbing a Chromecast from Harvey Norman or Officeworks, but if you don’t have one nearby you can still get a decent deal from either Google, or one of the other retailers above.

Source: Google.