The Google Home Mini is a great little starter for those looking to investigate smart speakers. If you haven’t bitten the bullet and grabbed one as yet you can get a discount, or a free one if you head over to the Google Store.

There’s two offers on at the moment, with an option for a free one if you buy a Pixel 2 XL phone, or a discount of $15 when you buy a Chromecast 2 and a Google Home Mini.

As you can see, you simply add a Google Home Mini to your order to get either deal underway, with the discount being applied at checkout. According to terms and conditions on the site, both the deal for the free Home Mini with Pixel 2 XL and the combined discount on Home Mini and Chromecast 2 runs until July 1, at 4:59pm AEST.

It’s not a bad deal on either, so head over and check it out.

Source: Google Store.
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    Luke Roberts

    Google store
    Home Mini = $79
    Chromecast = $49
    – $15 = $113

    Home Mini = $48
    Chromecast = $44
    = $92