DxOMark rated the Huawei P20 Pro camera far and away the best smartphone camera on the market. It’s three camera have proven in real world scenarios to provide outstanding images in all situations. Now the P20 Pro camera is set to get an update that will make it even better.

In an update, CLT-L29C432B131, arriving on the Huawei P20 Pro “later this year”, the community over at XDA have found some new changes to the camera that will improve portions of it. The new update is expected to bring a new super slow motion mode that will allow 960 fps video capture. We have seen some other phones do some astonishing slow motion videos including Sony and Samsung flagships. It is unclear whether Huawei will use their AI and software to implement some form of automatic start to the slow motion recording but we suspect they will after Samsung implemented it in the Galaxy S9 phones.

Along with the video update there will also be a change to the zoom interface which is much needed. P20 Pro users have complained about the zoom interface being not sensitive enough until it is and then it zooms too much but the new update will make zooming while viewing the view port much easier as you can see in the video below:

We have no doubt that there will be much more to this update than just this as Huawei know they are onto a winner with the P20 Pro so you can be sure they will want to maintain or even grow the advantages it has over other smartphone cameras.

Source: XDA.
Via: Phone Arena.
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Shahil Prasad

I hope it’s a huge update. The camera was the main reason I bought the phone only to realise it’s only great when you’re trying to photograph inanimate objects. Really struggles with people, especially toddlers.
UI it’s antiquated as well and the AI is great if you turn it off.


would the camera enhancements be coming with the June Security update (in July) as in the screen shot? as the phone is currently sitting on a May Security patch, with the last 4 updates typically running a bit behind the actual calendar month?