Google Photos has been one of our favourite new products from the company in a long time. The ease of use and continued improvement with new features to the Asssistant have kept it up there with things like the themed auto create movies. Today it seems Google has added another movie creation offering to create romantic movies of you and another person.

The option to create a ‘Love Story’ video is available in Google Photos on the web, as well as in your Google Photos app when you tap the ‘Movie’ option in the top carousel of the Assistant section. Once you tap in there, you get a description of the Movie and a prompt saying it works best if you have ‘lots of photos of you and your significant other’.

The next step is obviously picking the two people you want to create a video for. You can do it for yourself and a significant other, (yes, your pet can be the significant other), or choose two other people as a nice video surprise. Once you’ve selected the two people, you get a prompt saying it will take a while to create the video.

It took about seven minutes to create the movie, at least for me, and then you can either edit the movie to include clips or photos you would prefer to see in there, or simply save it. The Assistant includes some music in the background for you, or again, you can change that as well.

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Google Photos
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