Bose have recently announced a new set of ear buds that are a little different from the norm, with the focus not on delivering you high quality audio as they usually do, but on getting a good nights sleep.

The Bose noise-masking sleepbuds were launched earlier this year in an IndieGoGo campaign, but they’ve now gone official and are available to order in the US for $249.95.

The noise-masking sleepbuds are designed to help you with audible distractions to sleeping such as snoring, traffic and loud neighbors, but instead of blocking out those sounds they mask it with 10 pre-loaded soothing sounds to help you fall, and stay asleep. The buds also allow you to set an alarm that only you can hear, making it perfect for maintaining your partners sleep as well.

The Bose sleepbuds are designed for comfort, with three sizes of ‘StayHear+ Sleep tips’ used to keep the buds securely, and comfortably in your ears whether you’re a side sleepers or toss-and-turn while you sleep. The buds come in a handy storage case which also provides an additional full charge when not in use, though the batteries in the buds last up to 16 hours of use off one charge.

As a shift worker, I’m often sleeping in the middle of the day when it can get rather noisy and these are definitely on my radar. Bose has said they will be bringing the noise-masking sleepbuds to Australia later this year and we’ll have more details on local pricing and dates as the launch date approaches.

Source: Bose.
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    They’re $250 USD so I have a feeling these are gonna be pretty expensive locally


    Which is unfortunate because I’m also a shift worker and these sound really good. Fingers crossed you end up doing a review for us 😉

    Philip Clark

    Is there any support for bluetooth pairing and music playback, or are these just little noise machines?