There are a lot of Google products that although we all love there are still things we would like to see to improve their functionality to us. Google pay attention to their product forums listening to what users want and today they have released an update to Google Earth that is/was one of the most requested feature, the ability to measure distances and areas.

Rolling out now to Chrome and Android this week is the functionality that many have asked for. You can measure distances as well as areas with Google giving some examples of its use – measure the size of a block of land, a park, how far you just walked and general information such as the size of a stadium. We have seen the ability to measure distances come to Google Maps so it is no surprise to see this also land on Google Earth.

As stated above the new changes are available now on Chrome and will be coming to Android this week and iOS “soon”. For those who use Google Earth will this update help you at all? Can you think of a time this would have been helpful?

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