Google Pay adoption by financial institutions is increasing with AMP today announcing they will begin offering customers the option to use Google Pay.

AMP recently updated their mobile app, removing their previous feature which offered Host Card Emulation (HCE) contactless payments, in favour of Google Pay. AMP will be offering Google Pay as a payment option for those using their AMP Bank Visa Debit card.

On their Google Pay site, AMP says customers will need an NFC capable Android device running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or above to use Google Pay. We’ve previously seen Google Pay work on Android 4.4 and above – which is where Google introduced HCE payments, so you can try it out if you’re rocking a KitKat phone, but be warned.

As with all Google Pay implementations, once the AMP Bank Visa Debit card is added to the Google Pay app, customers will be able to tap & pay with their phone (or compatible Android Wear watch) at any of the NFC enabled EFTPOS terminals around Australia. Purchases up to $100 won’t require a pin, it’s as simple as waking your phone, then tapping the phone against the reader.

AMP customers will be able to take advantage of the current Google Pay promotions offering $10 of Google Pay credit to new users who sign up with an eligible card and use it five times within 30 days. AMP customers can also gift $10 of Google Play credit to a referrer by using a Google Pay referral code from a friend.

If you have an AMP Bank Visa Debit card, simply download the Google Pay app from Google Play and add your card in. You’ll have to go through some basic verification, but it’s fairly simple to do. Happy tapping.

Google Wallet
Google Wallet
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Source: AMP.
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