It appears that Oreo is raining down for Android TV set top boxes this week, first the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 and now the Nvidia Shield is receiving its Android 8.0 update.

After an extensive beta, Nvidia has made the Oreo update – with Shield Experience 7.0 – available to all Shield TV owners. Shield TV owners can check for the update by going to Settings > About > System Updates.

Shield Experience 7.0 and Oreo for Android TV brings a new home screen setup which includes a section for Favourite Apps, as well as the option to ‘Play Next’, as well as channels to discover new content. Nvidia has listed all the goodies in the new update in their release notes here.

The update comes as Nvidia has finally announced that they will be officially offering the Nvidia Shield for sale in Australia for $249 which includes a remote from a range of retailers including PC Case Gear, Umart, Mwave, Centrecom, Scorptec, PLE Computers, JW Computers, Austin Computers, and Computer Alliance.

If you’ve imported an Nvidia Shield you can start mashing that check update button now. If you’re about to buy a Shield TV in July when they launch, you can rest happy knowing the update is available.

Source: @NvidiaShield.
Via: 9to5Google.
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    Anthony Maniatopoulos

    Mine updated last night. Seems to be working fine.


    I have blocked Nvidia OTA update servers in my router to prevent the update, although I believe the new launcher is less functional, I would get used to it with time. The more frustrating aspect is the new youtube (>2.0) app which is a web wrapper. I watch a lot of videos from reddit (hopwatch) app and the load times are terrible with the quality always low. As its a signed system app, there is no way to replace with lower version without root or a modified system image. I really don’t want to miss out on security updates but… Read more »

    Mr Ian

    Confirmed. Downloading at the moment.
    Thanks for the heads-up Dan 😉