Hot on the heels of the announcement of their new NBN plans yesterday Vodafone today have changed the way their tablet plans work, simplifying it for everyone.

Just as Vodafone have done with their approach phone plans they are doing with their tablets. Customers can now get a tablet from Vodafone and pay it off over 12, 24 or 36 months interest free. The tablet needs to be paired with a month-to-month Red Mobile Broadband plan which can be changed whenever you want based on your usage or budgetary requirements.

Vodafone’s approach is simple and yet beneficial to customers:

This is the next step in us getting rid of the old telco ways of locking people in. Our customers have a range of budgets and needs, so this approach lets people choose a payment period that suits them, without tying them into one mobile data plan while they’re paying off their device. It’s simple really, and that’s the way it should be.Ben McIntosh, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone

Vodafone’s tablet plans range from $15 per month for 3GB of data up to 90GB of data for $60 per month. Although it has been years since a decent Android tablet was made there are some decent offerings there if you are in the market for a new tablet and don’t mind signing up to a month to month plan.

If you are interested head on over to Vodafone’s tablet webpage and check out what is on offer.

Source: Vodafone.
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Ben Darcy

They are still way more expensive than Optus. I signed a contract in February for the 512GB 12.9” iPad Pro and 100GB of data with unlimited mobile TV streaming for $80 per month (24 month contract). I know it’s gotten way more expensive since then but they want just under $65 per month over 24 months for the 128GB standard iPad with 10GB of data when Optus has the exact same thing for $45 per month. Plus Optus also lets you pay out the remainder of your device to exit your contact (so no ‘plan’ cancelation fees, just pay out… Read more »


My current tablet contract with Voda is due to expire but as you say here, there just hasn’t been any decent Android tablets released in a really long time. Plus I’ve only been paying $32pm for the tablet plus 6GB so these new deals don’t look so amazing either.