Everyone’s (well, ours anyway) favourite instant messaging client Telegram is rolling out version 4.8 of their app to Android and iOS today and it’s bringing with it some exciting new goodies.

Telegram has been working hard to bring some new features and some of the headline updates for this includes the option to replace media. Telegram says you can replace photos or videos in a chat with ‘the correct version’ by editing the message with the media, then tapping the paperclip button to choose another. According to Telegram you can also add captions to photos or videos that didn’t have one.

Another headline feature for the update is the ability to share a vCard for contacts. Sharing a vCard allows you to send contact information with multiple data fields in a standard, easily shareable format.

Telegram also lists 2x speed playback for both video and voice messages, as well as their round video messages as a new update in Telegram 4.8. The option to speed through voice notes won’t make your family or friends sound like they’ve just been huffing helium says Telegram.

Mark as read/unread is also being brought to Telegram 4.8, with the option to long-press on a chat and either select ‘Mark as read’ or ‘Mark as unread’. Telegram says that this ‘offers a quick way to get less important messages out of the way and highlight the chats that require your future attention’.

Finally, there’s three exclusive features just for Android users. Firstly you can now tap and hold on the profile picture of a chat, to bring up a preview pane of the chat. Second we get a new formatting option in chats allowing us to create a link – this goes along with bolding or italicising text, allowing you to include a link with out all that long form hypertext clogging up the chat.

Lastly, it’s now possible to cancel sending messages before they are sent – though you’ll have to be fast with that one.

The complete list of updates included in v4.8.10

– Tap and hold on profile pictures in the chats list to preview chats.
– Mark chats as Read or Unread from the long tap menu.
– Listen to voice and video messages in 2X mode if you’re in a hurry.
– Choose which data to send when sharing contacts, including multiple phone numbers and other vCard fields.
– Replace media when editing messages with media content.
– Cancel sending messages before they are sent.
– Use “create link” in the formatting menu to make text URLs.
– Improved UX when browsing Global Search results.
– Improved censorship circumvention.

Telegram v4.8.10 has been rolling out over the last day, so you should already have it on your device. If not, head over to Google Play and download it now.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
Source: Telegram.
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    And still no archive feature -_-
    It’s one of the oldest requested features, should be easy to implement, and yet…