“Cheap Telstra plan” might sound like an oxymoron, but the raging data wars mean there’s now plenty of ways to get Telstra coverage without breaking the bank.

Telstra-powered MVNOs – and Telstra itself, actually – have had a whole spate of good value SIM-only offers in the last couple of months, and prices keep dropping. So if you need or prefer Telstra network access, there’s plenty of plans around that won’t make you feel like you’re paying too much for the privilege of being on Australia’s priciest network.

Plans with 25GB of data or more

In terms of data for dollar, the best value SIM-only plan on the Telstra network currently comes from Woolworths Mobile. $50 per month gets you 25GB of data, and if you port in from a non-Telstra network, you’ll get one month free.

$59 per month will get you 25GB on Telstra itself, along with unlimited talk and text. As with most Telstra postpaid plans, you’ll get data-free access to Apple Music and live passes for AFL, AFLW, NRL, and Netball.

Both will require you to sign a 12-month contract.


Plans with 15GB of more

If you don’t need quite as much data, there’s plenty of awesome Telstra network deals around the $40 per month mark with at least 15GB of data. TeleChoice is the clear standout, offering 18GB per month rather than the more standardised 15GB.

If you don’t want to sign a year-long contract, Lycamobile, Boost, and Belong are all good options.

Lycamobile gets you unlimited international calls to 15 selected countries, while Boost includes 100 minutes of international talk and data-free Apple Music. Both Lycamobile and Boost’s plans are 28-day prepaid recharges, so it’s worth noting that you’ll need to top up 13 times per year. If you’re keen to try out Boost, you can save $25 on your first recharge if you sign up before July 2.

Belong will do 15GB for $40 per month on a no-contract postpaid basis and has bonuses like data rollover and data gifting.


Plans with at least 5GB

If you think you can get by with around 5GB, plans now start at $25 per month on Belong and TeleChoice. Belong is probably the better option out of the two, as it’s offered on a month-to-month basis while TeleChoice requires you to commit to a 12-month contract.

Is there a catch?

All Telstra-powered MVNOs now have 4G connectivity, but Telstra keeps the 4GX portion of its network to itself. This means Telstra MVNO customers don’t have access to the fastest speeds possible on Telstra’s network, but this shouldn’t make too much of a different in terms of day-to-day usage or coverage.

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    Boost is also on telstra’s 4GX network.

    Patrick k

    It’s always best to check JB hi-fi when it comes to Telstra plans as they have insane specials that aren’t advertised on tv only in store.


    I thought boost was on the full Telstra network?

    Ty Quinn

    I haven’t tried porting to Belong yet, but this is my idea (FYI I have called their customer service to confirm its allowed and was told my plan was solid). Suppose I want 10GB per month. I sign up for 15GB for the first two months, then swap down to the 1GB plan for the third month. So far I’ve spent $90 for 31GB of data. Because of their infinite rollover option, I’ll effectively have a little more than 10GB per month for only $30pm! Like I said, I haven’t yet tried it, and perhaps they will cotton on and… Read more »


    I do that all the time. Plus, if you join up between the recharge dates on the $40 plan you get a bonus 15GB. Recharge dates are the 4th, 8th, 12th, 20th, and 28th. As an example, join on the 13th, get 15GB and a free week, then it recharges your first month on the 20th and your 15GB goes in the bank (Less used).

    Ty Quinn

    Thanks for the tip