Youth focused telco Boost has today announced a change to their already great value plans, adding in more data across their entire range of plans, and increased international call inclusions on their $30 and up plans.

‘We’re constantly working to give our customers more of what they want’, said Jason Haynes, General Manager, Boost Mobile. The increase in data to their plans is driven by customer demand, with Mr Haynes saying that data is a ‘key driver for pre-paid plan choice’.

The increases to their plans sees their Boost Anytime Plus mobile plans increase data inclusions on every recharge with $10, $20, $30 and $50 plans. Boost also includes data rollover for all plans from $30 and up, allowing users with unused data to roll it over for use within the next recharge.

(previously 1GB)
(previously 2.5GB)
(previously 5GB)
15GB 30GB
(previously 20GB)

The addition of more international calls, data and text is also being launched today, with Mr Haynes saying ‘Youth don’t experience life just being at home in your own town or city, they love to explore, travel and experience life’.

This means that for customers on Boost $30 and up Anytime Plus mobile plans looking to call overseas, Boost has bumped inclusions for international calls and text to include unlimited international calls and SMS until February 25, 2019.

The change is based on your plan though as to which countries, and how much you’ll get. Boost says that customers on $30 recharges will be getting unlimited standard international calls to 10 countries plus 100 mins to standard numbers in 40 countries and 100 standard international texts to 50 countries.

Customers on the $40 and $50 recharges will get unlimited standard international calls to 15 countries, plus 100 mins to standard numbers in 35 countries and 100 standard international texts to 50 countries.

Boost says these new inclusions will be available to all new customers from today when activating a Boost Handset or Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit, with existing customers seeing the new inclusions automatically added with their next recharge.

Source: Boost.
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    The $20 plan has changed to 7 days. I’m going to have to swap my parents to another carrier if they don’t keep them on a monthly deal


    I should have gone to Boost instead of Optus from Virgin, least then I wouldn’t be getting Optus Sport emails even though I’ve unsubscribed, had them deactivate Optus Sport from my account, and told them time and again I don’t want to see anything sport

    Dear sir

    Think Mobile is $37 for 40gb


    But is it on the Telstra network or Droptus ?


    More boring offers from Boost. No unlimited data banking is the biggest killer, and 28 day expiry …what rubbish.


    What rubbish. They are on Telstra and for most people the data is enough. Last time I was with them automatic payment was taken once a month not every 28 days if you manually re-charge.


    My point is you shouldn’t have to auto-recharge for extra days. And as for your comment about ‘most people’ I’d like to know what orifice you pulled that data out of (pun included). People would have higher data plans if they could afford it, so unlimited data banking is a way around that. There is other Telstra MVO’s that offer better options imho.


    So you speak for all do you. I can afford a much more expensive plan and lots more data. 3gb is enough for me and everyone I know apart from 2 people who stream Netflix on the train. Get over yourself.