Jabra are a brand that we all know but are not a household brand for non-tech-heads. They have a history of making Bluetooth headsets for business and more recently for the general public. Their foray into personal Bluetooth headphones has been very successful with them producing some great products.

Their latest entry is the Jabra Elite Active 65t, an apparent upgrade over the Elite 65e among others. When I got a chance to try the Elite Active 65t out I jumped at the opportunity to put these through their paces and compare them to the several other sets of true wireless earbuds I have tested recently.

Hardware and functionality

Before I get into opinions on the Jabra Elite Active 65t headphones I’ll cover the facts about them. The headphones are true wireless headphones and come packaged with three different sets of silicon ear bud sizes as well as a carry/charging case. Each earbud has a functional button on it with the right including a microphone. The right headset weighs in at just 6.5 grams and the left at 5.8 grams. The charging case is also lightweight at just 67 grams.

The earbuds, as you would expect from something with the word active in its name are sweat and dust resistant — IP56 to be exact with the 2 year warranty against sweat and dust.

The button on the right headset is used to make and answer phone calls. A long press of it calls up your digital assistant (yes Google Assistant functions perfectly), while a double press will activate what Jabra are calling HearThrough which allows outside noise (eg. a car coming up behind you) to be able to be heard.

The left headset button has a front and rear rocker with one increasing volume (long press skip song) and the other end of the rocker decreasing volume (long press previous song).

How do they sound?

Let’s get into the guts of Bluetooth headphones. Everyone really wants to know three things — how do they sound, how comfortable are they and how good is the connection?

The sound that these produce is amazing. Each time I try out a new pair of these true wireless headphones I am impressed even more by the sound they produce. The Jabra Elite Active 65t are no exception, taking the lead in my list of true wireless headphones I have tested out. The bass is actually quite deep and has some decent kick to it although still not as good as over the ear cans it was impressive — the best I have heard from true wireless headphones. As you would expect, the mids and upper sounds were well produced with great loudness and depth of soundall the while seemingly being crisp and accurate.

Jabra also have an app that allows you to alter the equaliser to a sound that suits the music you are listening to. Using this app (or the right earbud button) you can also activate HearThrough to allow you to hear your surrounding environment. This is required as the seal within the ear canal is snug without being uncomfortable. Very little outside noise is able to get through and disturb your listening unless you allow it with HearThrough. The app also allows you to change the level of outside noise that is hear with a sliding scale.

The Elite Active 65t have a great functionality where the music is paused when an earbud is removed from your ear. To unpause the music the earbud must just be placed back in the ear within 60 seconds and after that using the multifunction button on the right earbud. these settings are configured in the Jabra Sound+ app.

How is the fit?

I was sceptical at first as to how secure these would be. There is no big fin or massive ear bud tips to wedge them and keep them in the ear canal. Even without that the earbuds turn to fit into the ear as well as any others I have used before — and there are three included sizes so you will hopefully be able to find one to fit your ear canal.

Jabra have instructions of how to fit them into your ear and you do so by putting them in the ear and rotating them so the “arm” sits anteriorly. Somehow, and I suspect it is pure magic, the earbuds then sit securely in the ear. No matter of head shaking can pull them out and they sit comfortably within the ear for as long as you want to use them.

How is the connection?

No matter how good the earbuds fit, nor how good they sound, if the connection consistently drops out then their effectiveness is diminished greatly. Jabra do not let themselves down with the connection of these earbuds.

As you would expect from a company that has been doing Bluetooth headsets for a very long time the connection is immaculate. Pairing was simple and as easy to do as just about any other Bluetooth accessory I have used. The headset will also give you voice controls on how to pair the earbuds with your phone. When both earbuds are turned on and within 20 centimetres of each other they will automatically re-link after separation.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection between the phone and the earbuds allowed for seamless music transference at all times. There were no dropouts, no losing connection from one earbud to the other and the connection was good for over 10 metres (Jabra say 10m but I managed to get more than that), and it was strong at all times. Hopefully more manufacturers will start using Bluetooth 5.0 in their accessories because if that is the reason for the Jabra connection then I feel it is a must have and worth whatever the cost.


Some manufacturers have been including equaliser software for their headphones and Jabra have not neglected this important part of the experience. While the app is fairly basic as is the equaliser and not as good as the Jaybird app it is still an impressive addition to the headphones.

It allows you to alter the EQ as well as activate and deactive HearThrough and change its level. There are a few presets within the app including a commuting, a working and an active preset.

What about the battery life?

Jabra quote five hours of battery life in each charge with the charging case providing two full charges to the earphones (10 additional hours). They have also included a fast charge mode where just 15 minutes of charging will result in an extra 1.5 hours of listening time (two hours for a full charge).

I have no reason to doubt this quotation and found the battery life to be very similar to their figures. Of course this varies with the loudness of your music and the amount of HearThrough you activate but I seemed to get more than 15 hours out of the summation of the earbuds and the charging case.

Similar to the auto-pause function there is a similar function to save battery life. The right earbud will automatically power off when it is out of range from your device for 15 minutes and not in the charging case or when it has been inactive for one hour. The left earbud will automatically power off when it has not had a link with the right earbud for 15 minutes and is not in the case.

Should you buy them?

I thought I was on a winner with the Bose SoundSport Free, and before that the Jaybird run. Sure both of those were amazing sound but each had certain things I wasn’t entirely happy with (one was rather large and one had terrible buttons). The Jabra doesn’t suffer from either of these afflictions with a medium size that does not stick out too far the ear and it’s buttons are easy to press without pushing into the head nor dislodging them from the ear canal.

The Jabra’s also were a cut above the other two with their sound — they are 6 months newer than either of those and are Bluetooth 5.0 as well. These two factors combined with the fact that Jabra have been doing Bluetooth headsets for a long time leave me not surprised they are able to produce such clean, deep sound in a surprisingly small package.

Another positive is the IP56 rating of the Jabra Elite Active 65t. Very handy when at the gym getting your cardio on — or when out in the rain being active.

Of course, for such a pair of true wireless headphones with no glaringly obvious negatives you pay a premium price. The RRP for the Jabra Elite Active 65t is $329, higher than both the Bose SoundSport Free ($299) and the Jaybird Run ($249) but in my opinion if you can stretch that few extra dollars are well worth it. Stockists for the Elite Active 65t can be found on Jabra’s website or a quick shortcut to your local JB Hi-Fi and are available in a blue and copper colour.

I can highly recommend the Jabra Elite Active 65t for any serious trainer, or anyone at all, who wants a set of high end Bluetooth headphones without a single wire in sight. I know I recently said the Bose were the best but guess what, technological advances march on and we have a new leader at the top of the heap with the Jabra Elite Active 65t.

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    Alan L

    My sole experience thus far with this brand was terrible. In quick time this house had Sony JBL and Jabra Bluetooth speakers. The Sony’s had flaky USB inputs, JBL rock solid and the Jabra is in landfill. Spotty Bluetooth connectivity from a range of inputs, and a bad tempered battery charging mechanism. Stupid high volume status updates….is connected… battery low…battery full…all with a cartoonish high volume American accent. Binned.
    I trust they have designed these buds better but at the price I won’t test that trust.


    I take it they charge through the case … does anyone know if it is a USB type C connection or micro USB?


    Micro USB

    Phill Edwards

    I bought some wired Bluetooth Jabra headphones a few months ago. The fit is an absolute joke. No matter what I do they will not stay in my ears. Even just walking and turning my head makes them fall out. And I’ve tried many many fit adjustments. It’s put me right off Jabra which is a shame as I know they have some good products. But these headphones are pretty much useless.


    Phill have you tried these elite 65 earbuds? They should sit down in the ear canal behind the Pinna of the outer ear. If they are fitted properly they should not fall out. But, I tried to get my wife to hear how good they are and because of the petite size of her outer ear they would not fit. If this is your issue I am sorry to hear that these buds are not for you because I believe you are missing out.

    Scott Plowman

    I had no issues at all. Quite the opposite. I have heard of people having issues with various earbuds so I’m not surprise that not everyones ears can take these earbuds


    I bought these a couple of days ago. I’m returning them. The sound is hollow and tinny and the bass is non existent. Also I have them as loud as they’ll go and they’re just not cutting the mustard. The App is rubbish and the total lack of being able to tweak pretty much anything is frustrating.


    Try getting hold of some foam tips. Makes all the difference once you get a good seal.


    Matt if you are not hearing the bass then they are not fitting snugly. These buds have great bass in my opinion and the level of volume differentiates on source device. But if they don’t fit in properly then they will be quiet and lack bass.

    Scott Plowman

    I agree with the replies. The bass on these is far away better than anything I have tried in this form factor


    Agreed. the difference between tip sizes was night and day for me


    I have the 65t’s. After trying many wireless bluetooth headsets for running and cycling (Samsung Gear Icon X 2018, Jaybird, Sony, etc.) I found the 65t had the best fit. The calls were much clearer on the Jabras than on the Samsungs. Really happy with these.


    Mark, how are you finding the call quality on the jabras if you’re outside with moderate ambient noise?

    Daniel Gray

    With normal 65t, outside call quality is terrible.

    Scott Plowman

    I had no issues with the call quality on these ones. Not sure if the active are any different but the volume was fine as was the connection

    Joseph Sheu

    Scott, could you try the active ones, outside with moderate noise?

    I was finding my normal 65t was inaudible on the other end with just a light breeze or say, an average car driving by.

    For a product whose promotional video has a guy casually talking on the phone in the subway and in an outdoor plaza, I thought it was a bit poor in comparison.

    Joseph Sheu

    Daniel, if you still have the 65t – have you tried updating firmware? I wonder if any improvement?


    Joseph Sheu

    Scott, I purchased (and subsequently returned) a set of the regular 65t buds, I was “sold” on them as they claimed to be great with phone calls. I returned them because whilst they were ok in a quiet environment, they seemed to lack the noise / wind cancellation that I expected from a quad mic’ed BT headset. This was a few months ago, wondering if you have tried it for phone calls, say outside, with ambient street noise, and whether the current firmware has managed to improve that experience?

    Daniel Gray

    I have the 65t and they are terrible for phone calls on trains, train platforms or non quiet places. Reviews I looked at said they were good in noisy environments but everyone I speak to says they can’t hear me. I tried the medium earbud size and the fit was not snug, the sound was really quiet and poor. Fit the large earbud and the sound was fantastic. Bluetooth distance was not great for me, put my phone in my left pant pocket I get continuous drop outs. Put it in the right pocket all good. Put the phone the… Read more »


    I have a Jabra 65t (not Elite) and love it. I initially got it for the calling capabilities as I am frequently on conference calls and enjoy the freedom and stereo quality of phone calls. Haven’t hear anyone complain to me when I’m at a train station or other noisy environment. Music performance is good not great. Rock solid Bluetooth connectivity with my Note 8. The supplied Jabra tips were terrible. After trying to source some comply foams (bad reviews as they don’t have a larger size) I ended up buying foam tips directly from Jabra.. they didn’t have them… Read more »


    I’m not sure on the differences between these and the regular Elite 65t buds but I think it’s mostly just increased sweat/water resistance and fitness tracking features?
    For those who can’t stomach the price tag as it is I would definitely recommend the regular Elite 65t. The same superb fit, Bluetooth tech and most of the same features for $30 less (more at times as they’ve been $50 off recently).