Late last year Plantronics introduced a couple new models of their BackBeat Fit series of headphones and here at Ausdroid we gave them both (1,2) the thumbs up. Today they have announced a new model in their BackBeat Go series, the BackBeat Go 600.

The BackBeat Go 600 wireless headphones are over-the-ear immersive headphones designed so that users can enjoy their music no matter their environment while at the same time being friendly on the old hip pocket.

The headphones come with dual equalisation modes allowing you to easily alternate between “Bass Boost” and “Balanced” EQ mode. The Balanced EQ mode is Plantronics’ signature sound, “tuned to be the most accurate possible representation of the source audio across all genres of music”. Switching between the two modes is simple with a single button push.

The BackBeat Go 600 weigh just 175 grams and provide passive noise cancelling through the use of over-ear memory foam ear cup padding. Sporting Bluetooth 4.1 and offering multi-point audio, they provide up to 18 hours of listen time, up to 16 hours of talk time, up to 20 days of standby time or up to six months of deep sleep.

Priced at just $149.99 they promise to be great value for money with a great sound but still remaining stylish and comfortable.

Our core expertise in headphones, wireless and premium experiences make Plantronics uniquely qualified to give music lovers the best possible immersive stereo experience at an affordable price point.Greg Miller, Director of Portfolio Business Management, Personal Solutions, Plantronics

The BackBeat GO 600 Series is available today at Amazon and Tech2Go. The RRP is $149.99 AUD, although it seems that Amazon have it a bit cheaper at $135.51. They are available in black, khaki and navy. If these sound like something you might be interested in head over to the Plantronics website and check them out.

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Not once seen the price dip below $200 on amazon. Not sure how you can get these for $130…

Les Ran

No Google Assistant in these headphones! An assistant is a prerequisite of modern headphones. Oh well. I guess it has its “affordable price point.”