The long awaited introduction of the Razer phone into Australia has finally happened, and now Razer has started advertising accessories for the phone to Aussies which are available through their online store.

The list of accessories includes USB-C cables, a variety of cases, a screen protector and a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. The list of accessories is fairly basic, but given the lack of accessories for the phone here in Australia, if you’ve forked out $1,099 for the phone you may need some.

The cases range from a ‘Thin’ case which sells for $34.99, through a ‘Word’ case which is made of a durable, soft-touch silicon with microfibre inner lining and has the word RAZER emblazoned down the back, can be purchased in White, Green or Black for $54.95. Lastly, a Rugged case made of polycarbonate and ABS and features a soft inner lining to protect your phone.

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The Tempered Glass Screen protector will set you back $44.95, while the 1-meter long USB-C to USB-C cable (which only supports USB 2.0 speeds) sells for $34.95. Finally, that USB-C to 3.5mm dongle, which includes a THX Certified DAC, will set you back $34.95.

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The pricing is decent, but it’s the shipping that’s a problem for Razer. There’s fairly significant shipping charges if you buy a single item, though if you want to purchase a heap of stuff Razer will offer free economy shipping to Australia for orders over $129 – though in this day and age, they’ve added the rider ‘Additional custom and tariff fees may apply’, so watch out for that. The moral of the story is if you know a few other Razer phone owners, maybe band together to grab a few accessories and get that shipping cost down.

We’ve not yet gotten a hands-on with the Razer phone, but by all accounts it’s a pretty good phone, of course you’ll want to protect it and get some accessories, so here’s your change – just watch out for those shipping charges.