And just like that, it’s on again…maybe. The will they, won’t they rumour of Samsung launching a new Wear OS variant of the soon to be launched Gear S4, simply won’t go away with another source weighing in.

The rumour of a Samsung Galaxy Watch running Google’s Wear OS surfaced in May through well informed industry source Evan Blass, who tweeted about Samsung employees being seen wearing Gear watches running Wear OS instead of Tizen. Blass followed up soon after stating that these watches were simply one-offs created by Google for Samsung employees.

The rumours that Samsung could still be pursuing a variant of the Gear S4 with Wear OS have again been sparked though with anonymous leaker Ice Universe tweeting:

IceUniverse has been a fairly well informed source of leaks for both mobile and smartwatch information, so it’s hard to discount this leak out of hand. Evan however has been right, a lot more often than he’s been wrong, so it’s hard to discount his sources and well earned reputation.

The rumours suggest that we may see a Gear S4 at the Galaxy Note 9 launch event in New York on August 9th. Is it possible we’ll see a Wear OS variant at the same event? It’s unlikely, as Samsung may want to put some distance between the two devices, so perhaps we’ll see it later in the year around IFA in Berlin – that is if it even exists. Chalk this one up to a maybe, but in any case we’d love to see another Android Wear OS watch from Samsung.

Source: @IceUniverse.
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    Jason Raso

    I’d get one for sure…. Samsung, Wear OS, NFC, LTE…. Bring it on!!


    S3: easily the best/sexiest smartwatch on the market and Samsung sticks on a lousy OS with little to no app support. It’s like they dont even want my money. I really hope they’ve pulled their heads in.


    I’d also buy one. It would be the only watch on the market running google pay and samsung pay simultaneously. In addition, we need a wear os watch to compete with the current Apple watch that already has lte compatibility and the upcoming watch would be a great contender

    Dennis Bareis

    I’d certainly buy one.