Huawei’s range of Android devices are, for the most part, already pretty damned quick, but with a coming update, the company is promising significantly improved performance across many of its smartphones.

Overnight, news spread of a “GPU Turbo” update for many phones from the P20 Pro to the Mate 10, through to many mid-range devices also. The update accelerates performance especially in gaming with a boost of up to 60%. It claims to do this by optimising system utilisation of software and hardware resources.

Precisely what this means is unclear, but the results – if they deliver – will speak for themselves. At launch, the GPU Turbo update will support only a few titles, including the popular PUBG Mobile and Legends: Big Bang. More titles will be coming soon.

Huawei will update the Mate 10 and P20 families in August, with the GPU Turbo update heading out to the Mate 10 Lite, Nova 2i, P Smart, P20 Lite, and Y9 2018 in September, with the Mate 9/Pro and P10 series following in November.

GPU Turbo is able to accelerate performance by optimizing system utilization of software and hardware resources. GPU Turbo will raise the bar for GPU performance across Huawei smartphones, beginning with the HUAWEI Mate 10 and P20 Series in August. With GPU Turbo installed, graphics processing efficiency is improved by up to 60 percent while overall SoC power consumption is saved by 30 percent. This is beneficial since graphically demanding operations typically consume battery quickly.

This update exemplifies how Huawei addresses customer pain points through innovation. The improvement will be felt widely when playing graphically intense games. GPU Turbo will initially support PUBG MOBILE and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, two leading multiplayer titles, each with millions of active users. Support for additional games will be announced at a later date.

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Marc L Jackson

This is the outcome of analysing the dynamic system behavior owners phones have sent back to Huawei when they agreed to during initial setup.

Enzhe Li

I have the update since I am a part of the Chinese beta program, gotta say I did not see a huge improvement. But in certain underobtimised games there was a big framerate bump.

Joshua Hill

Up to 60% performance increase with up to 30% battery savings. Just from software optimisations.

I’m calling this a blatant marketing LIE!!!

For Huawei owners I hope I’m proved wrong but sounds unbelievable.

Mark L Jackson

Removing overhead through optimisation will give up to 60%. OS tries to optimise and gets it wrong now it gets it right.


stands to reason my P20 Pro could be a bit jittery when playing games, even something as basic as boom beach that my son plays.