It used to be that a data add-on of 300MB a month cost $15 extra. Today, that’s not really the case anymore, but not all mobile plans are created equal. If you’re a data hungry mobile user, or if you’ve got kids that watch more YouTube than they should, you probably need a supersized plan to keep up. We’ve taken a squiz at some of the best options around.

Big data plans on a contract

If you’re happy to sign a 12-month contract and lock yourself into one provider for the year, you tend to get more data for your dollar, especially when it comes to the major providers. I guess you could call it a loyalty bonus?

Think Mobile’s 20GB for $30 per month plan is the best of the bunch right. It’s a no thrills kind of deal, but if you can get by with Vodafone coverage, Think is a safe bet for bang-for-buck data. If you’d prefer Telstra coverage, you might want to consider Woolworths Mobile’s 25GB for $50 per month plan.

Big data plans no contract

While the best value plans are often sold on a contract basis, you can still get a great month-to-month deals without locking yourself in. Catch Connect and TPG both give 15GB for about $35 per recharge. Catch is powered by Optus, and TPG by Vodafone.

TPG will however give you your first six recharges for $19.99 a pop as part of a promo.

Silly data plans

If you want to go bigger still, there’s a couple of options. Think Mobile has an almost ludicrous 80GB for $48 per month plan on a 12-month contract. I don’t even know what I’d do with 80GB of mobile data. Watch 4K puppy videos, I guess.

Vodafone’s “unlimited” plans could also be worth considering. The smallest of these includes 60GB at full 4G speeds, and unlimited data at 1.5Mbps for when you burn through your main allowance. It will cost you $60 per month on a 12-month contract.

There’s a couple of larger 90GB plan we’ve included in the widget that have no contract, but these are restricted to Optus network 3G speeds. Optus’ average 3G download speed is 3.8Mbps per second.

Looking for a phone instead? Compare plans for these phones with at least 15GB of data by following these links:

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    Jamie S

    IMO Exetel should be excluded from any of these lists as they are dodgy af. My experience with their NBN was horrendous and I would never touch any of their products again. I’d even like to see them shut down.


    Not anymore Chris. I gave their tech support number a call many times and there was a recorded message saying there is an outage in NSW, QLD and VIC. It never changed. They kept trying to charge my cc even after I cancelled the service and they assured me they wouldn’t try and charge me again