We reported recently that the Nvidia Shield TV, an Android TV-based set-top box focused on gaming, was coming to Australia and today it has arrived.

From today Australians can purchase the Shield TV from the Shield website and from local retailers including PC Case Gear, Umart, Mwave, Centrecom, Scorptec, PLE Computers, JW Computers, Austin Computers, Computer Alliance in Australia and PB Technologies, Computer Lounge and Playtech in New Zealand.

For Australians the Shield TV is priced at $249.95 with a remote control and $329.95 with a game controller and a remote control. The game controller can be purchased separately for $89.95RRP and the stand for the Shield TV retails for $29.95. For those who happen to lose the super-slim remote control you can grab one of those for $69.95RRP as well. New Zealanders will pay a few more dollars for each of the above.

We reviewed the original Nvidia Shield TV back a couple of years ago and the current updated version, which is the one now available for purchase here, is currently sitting on our review bench waiting for a final write up and a thorough testing by one of our gaming writers.

The Shield TV runs the latest version of Android TV and is designed to allow gamers to enjoy their games on the Android TV platform. Nvidia are enhancing this further with their GEForce NOW platform but at this stage it is in beta and not available to Australians.

It is great to see another Android TV device finally available locally and if you are looking for a higher end Android TV set top box then this could be for you. The review will be up for your perusal in the next week.

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    Robert Bell

    Do we get the Pro version with 500g HD ?Or are we again given the standard version only !


    I just bought one with controller for $179US through prime day, once you pay for US taxes and GST and shipping, it only works out around $10-20 cheaper than the local one, factor in a decent power plug adaptor and it makes sense to buy the Australian one. Been on the lookout for weeks for an official date since the news dropped in late June, pity it had to be days after Prime day otherwise I would have waited..

    Shane Jefferis

    Gforce Now is available to Australians. Make sure that your facts are correct


    Jeez I paid $220 delivered from amazon with both a remote and controller 3 years ago…


    Got it earlier in the year for 260 delivered with the remote and gamepad, and that was with an abysmal exchange rate.
    So now we get screwed by an Australia Tax, and the actual tax. Fantastic.


    Why don’t they sell the pro. And it still $50 cheaper to buy it from the us with both remote an controller.

    Scott Plowman

    It may well be but less hassle and local warranty is worth a bit to many people. Does the new GST on imports make it closer


    I’d love to see where you can get it for $50 less from the US!


    Can you download the foxtel now app on this?

    Scott Plowman

    Search couldn’t find it. Stan is there fwiw. Sideload could work. Shall test that before writing review.


    Thanks for that. Looking forward to reading the review.


    Yeah, the APK is out there (pulled from the foxtel puk) and works fine 🙂


    Thanks for the information 🙂