JB HiFi love their partner deals with Telstra, and today is no exception. Presumably to clear out stock of the Pixel 2 range ahead of a product refresh in a couple of months, JB HiFi is running a promo on Google’s big premium smartphone from 2017.

At the moment, you cna score a Pixel 2 XL 64 GB (RRP $1399) for free when you sign up to a $59 Telstra plan in store at JB HiFi. For the $59, you get 15GB monthly data, unlimited talk and text, and of course, an included Pixel 2 XL 64GB at no extra cost.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one, really, beyond having to port your existing number to Telstra. Don’t have an existing number, or don’t want to port your fave? Sign up for a prepaid from Optus or Vodafone, and port that. Of course, there are easier ways to pay off a phone than this method .. but it does work.

If you want to take advantage head in to your nearest JB HiFi store. This deal is available in store only, so there’s no online or phone orders sorry!

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Went down to JB to pick up one of these. I didn’t even need to port a number across. I am already with Telstra but simply signed up with a new number with them and got the same deal.

Christian Vimpany

Got one of these the other day. Such a killer deal. Been meaning to switch from Vodafone as I don’t get service, plus my iPhone died, so it was like the stars aligned. They threw in a home mini and aiaiai earbuds 😀


High 5!

Stephen Woots

dropped my Oppo R9 one time too many yest morning, so took a quick trip to JBs. Thinking I’d buy an Oppo R15 outright, but ended up with one of these. Old carrier was Telstra, but via Woolworths so I qualified as a Telstra newbie, will wear the penalty.
Don’t like the narrower screens, but not much choice, had to make a quick decision!
JBs person understands that Woolworths mobile has been sold to Optus ?

Stephen Woots

Hmm, but the fingerprint thing doesn’t work at all – about to find out how their product / customer support goes.


Thank you so much for posting this great deal today Ausdroid!
I’m using the new phone now to post and it’s such an awesome deal. It also came along a free headphone and Google mini.


This deal has been on since Feb even at Telstra itself as I got two ppl signed up, it was off in June and July and now back on …


“port your existing number from Telstra”.
It should be “to Telstra” not “from Telstra”
I’m not usually a proofreading nitpicker but this one word could make it a bit confusing for readers!


Thank you