In case you hadn’t heard Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note 9 in New York on August 10 (AEST). After seeing so many leaks of the Galaxy Note 9 there isn’t much left to reveal but today we have gotten a sneak peek at what the price of it will be and when you can get your hands on it.

Polish site Spider’s Web has managed to get their hands on some juicy pricing and release date details. They have been told that the price of the base model Galaxy Note 9 will be PLN 4,300 which equates to around AU$1565, much less than the rumoured AU$2000. This pricing is no great surprise as the Note 8 and the Galaxy S9+ were very similar prices.

Of course the direct conversion is at best an estimate but from its placing compared with the price of the Note 8 in Poland last year it is very similar — about 6% more. Hopefully this pricing is the same here in Australia with only a very small increment, if any.

Spider’s Web were also told that the phone would be available to purchase from August 24, two weeks after the official announcement. This all fits with what we have heard and we know that Samsung want to get this phone out there well before the next iPhone so we expect this to be the approximate worldwide release date.

In Poland the Galaxy Note 9 will arrive in black, purple and blue with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

For those who want to get in early you can register your interest already over at Vodafone but rest assured we will have the carriers’ plans, availability and deals very early the day following the announcement. Of course this rumour may well be totally wrong but I doubt Samsung would increase the price much, if at all, from last year’s model.

Source: Spider's Web.
Via: Phone Arena.
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Mate 20 pro will shred this phone


Just curious, where do you sell your phones?

Conan Thorogood

mobile devices could not be heading in a more alienating direction for me. a six and a half inch phone for one and a half grand? is this really what people are psyched about these days?


I’ll salary sacrifice, after I sell my note 8 (in pristine cond with the box etc), I’ll be approx $200 out of pocket. I can handle that 😛 its what I did last year as well.


Just curious, where do you sell your phones?


Does that mean that you expect to get $1300 for your second hand note 8? I bought mine brand new in Nov 17 for $800.


Big phones are not every ones cup of tea , but some of us do like the bigger displays , and yes 1500 is a fair wack of coin , but at least buying the flagship galaxy you do get just about everything but the kitchen sink on your device , and a lot accessories made for it.
I’d feel much more offended buying another brand phone for the same price that doesn’t have the s pen, a headphone jack, an sd card , a quality display , heart rate monitor , etc .

Conan Thorogood

fair call, i’m sure it will be a fantastic device. but i find myself yearning for the days of paying $600 for a 5″ flagship from the grey market. picked up an xperia xz1 compact late last year and fear i may have to hold onto it for quite a while.