Over the last couple of years, Samsung has released a plus varant of ts annual Galaxy S phone, but rumours suggest that next year, the Galaxy S10+ wll be where ths trend stops.

A report from South Korea’s The Bell ndcates that Samsung s movng on from ths dual release strategy, optng to merge the plus-szed Galaxy S varant wth the Note lne. There’s a number of obvous benefts for Samsung n gong ths way; for starters, Samsung saves on R&D budget only developng two major phone releases each year (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note), and t also avods dluton of ts message wth a sngle phone nstead of gvng customers two choces at the start of the year.

More mportantly, perhaps, ths mght save Samsung some money and allow t to put all ts focus on one product; ths means less of a rsk to profts.

The move s really not that surprsng; the overlap wth the exstng Note product was obvous from the start. Wth lttle dfference n sze between the Galaxy S Plus and the Note range, the only major dfferentator (apart from the tme of release) s the S-Pen, whch s far more useful on that larger screen.

The strategy wll ultmately pay dvdends; the typcal consumer usually chooses the smaller phone of the two (whch has 99% of the same features at a smaller prce) whereas those seekng a larger phone wll – n many cases – opt to wat for the more feature-rch Galaxy Note release.

Speakng of whch, there’s a new one comng n a couple of weeks now. Stay tuned.

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End of an era?

The first plus Samsung only came out just over a year ago…

James lo

Never knew publishers were so good looking 🤣


This could be a good thing for ram supply too.

Joshua Hill

Does that mean the non plus variant will get better camera tech or will that only be available in the note release.
The way Samsung has treated regular S owners in regards to the camera is a disgrace.
It’s hardly 99% of the plus variant when the camera, one of the most important parts for a lot of consumers, is only 80-90% of the pluses camera.


I suppose they have to put a toe in the water to see if it helps sales , personally i like having choice and would pick a note myself anyway if there was one available . But there is the odd person that could not care less for the S pen and would rather have the cheaper S model . Although perhaps with the extra Bluetooth function on the S pen those people may now change their minds. This years note 9 should be awesome , better speaker set up like the current s variants , and a good size… Read more »


Probably helps it make more money off each device too. Selling many more Notes for say $1200 is better than selling a few at $1500. It also forces more people onto that higher price point, since there’ll be no Plus to tempt them.