Perhaps tablets are coming back into vogue, with not one but two tablet leaks in about the same number of weeks. What we see today is Samsung’s updated Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2018), and like the Galaxy Tab S4, the Tab A carries a number of design features across from the Galaxy S line this year.

The screen ratio remains at 16:10 (which the Tab S4 has just reverted to), and the physical home button – long considered useless in a tablet form factor – is gone. There are still a few elements that are a bit ugly, though, with a rather large bottom bezel, and not insignificant side bezels too.

There isn’t too much else we can discern, beyond the probability that the back material is probably a cheap plastic, and while there’s a camera for tablet photographers, there’s no flash.

When will we see the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2018) announced? Well, the lock-screen date in the renders is August 9th, which strongly suggests we’ll see this as a side-show to the Galaxy Note 9 release in New York.

With rumours also swirling around the Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy Watch, it looks like there’s going to be a number of Samsung announcements in the not too distant future


Source: Nieuw Mobiel.
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Looks like this might be what I finally get to replace my Nexus 9 when it gives up the ghost. Fingers crossed it keeps on trucking though

Luke Roberts

If you stumped up the $$ for a Nexus 9… you would be better served going for the TAB S4…will be a vastly better experience overall than TAB A … having seen friends previous TAB A’s…. they are a bit underwhelming – especially when you put them next to a TAB S2 which I have… the poor little things just cannot keep up with Samsung’s bloat.

Jeni Skunk

I really hope Samsung does an updated version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) as part of their A 2018 tablets line.
I’ve got the 4G with S Pen version of the A 10.1 (2016). As a mid tier tablet it’s great.
The two things which turned me off the A 8 (2016) were no S Pen, and 720p screenres. I hope both those lacks are fixed with the A 8 (2018). The 10.1 is fine for carrying in a notebook tote, but simply too big for a handbag. An 8in or 7in, properly specced would be brilliant.