Friday , December 14 2018 Ausdroid » News » Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 firmware reveals some of the Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen functionality

The upcoming announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cannot come soon enough. Every few days we see a new leak revealing more details of the Note 9. Overnight the folks at XDA revealed some interesting tidbits they found regarding the new S-Pen.

Using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (which may also house an S-Pen) firmware an XDA teardown of it found some new information on the upcoming changes to the S-Pen. We already “knew” that the new S-Pen will have Bluetooth functionality that can be used to control music such as play, pause and skip tracks but wait, there’s more:

  • You will be able to use the S-Pen to remotely activate the shutter on the camera
  • The S-Pen will be able to be used to unlock your phone if the phone locks while the S-Pen is removed.
  • There will be added functionality within apps which using the button on the S-Pen will be able to take advantage of.
  • Pressing and holding the S-Pen button will be able to open any specified app or S-Pen feature
  • Single and double press of the S-Pen button will be able to be mapped to different S-Pen functions
Photo: XDA

It seems that Samsung are adding a lot of functionality to the S-Pen in a bid to differentiate the device from other large phones out there. It will be interesting to see how Samsung plan to charge this S-Pen because you would imagine that with this Bluetooth functionality the battery drain would be high.

All will be revealed in New York in a few short weeks and you can be sure we will not only bring you the information from there as it happens but everything else revealed between now and then.

Source: XDA.

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