By all accounts, from those with the money to buy one, the Google Pixelbook is a great device — great build and runs extremely well but one difference it has from it’s Windows counterparts is that it has much wider bezels. That is all set to change later this year when Google are apparently going to be releasing a new Pixelbook.

According to our favourite leaker, Evan Blass, not only will Google be releasing new Pixel phones and a set of second generation Pixel Buds but also a new Pixelbook. The new Pixelbook is rumoured to be arriving with much slimmer bezels than the previous model which would be a very welcome change.

We have seen Windows laptops such as the Dell XPS and the Huawei Matebook Pro arrive with extremely slim bezels but we have not seen Chromebooks head down this path, until now. It has been two years since Google released the current Pixelbook so it stands to reason that if the technology is there they would produce a new one to remain relevant.

Photo credit: Windows Central

This year is going to be a great Pixel year — two new Pixel phones, new Pixel Buds (after the first gen were average at best), possibly a Pixel Watch and now possibly a new Pixelbook. I would be extremely interested in a detachable Pixelbook with slim bezels — maybe this year Google will deem us worthy to allow us to buy them directly from them.

Anyone else interested or would you rather a Windows/Apple laptop at the usual Pixelbook price?

Source: Evan Blass.
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I’m definitely up for buying this mooted, new, Pixelbook but only if, preferably, I can purchase it directly from Google or alternatively, “Australian stock” from an Oz reputable retailer. I’ve seriously considered buying the current unit from the States but concerns about possible warranty issues in Australia put me off. I’ll definitely “wait & see” now!

I’m interested to hear any other readers comments on this subject.



I had to import my Pixelbook from Amazon US. Imo it’s a superb device and would definitely pickup the new Pixelbook this year. Just please, RELEASE IT IN AUSTRALIA.

I’m going to be spending so much money this year on Google.

Pixel 3 XL
Pixel Watch
Pixel Buds

RIP wallet


Hi Andrew,

Please see my earlier comments. I also seriously considered purchasing in the same manner. My question to you is, how well do you consider yourself to be covered, warranty wise, in Australia?

From what I’ve read, they are indeed a superb unit although I’ll wait, now, for the new model.




Honestly I don’t think I’m well covered. I imagine I’d have to send it back to the US if something were wrong with it, but I’ve never looked into it. I just kind of crossed my fingers that nothing would be wrong with it. Also, if you’ve never had a Chromebook before, know what you’re getting into first. It’s not for everyone and you may feel like you’ve wasted your money if you don’t know what you’re getting. The Pixelbook suits me perfectly for my needs. I use a tonne of Google services, so I only have any issues with… Read more »


Thank you. Like you, I use mostly Google services and I purchase their products. To me, Google are just going from strength to strength with both their hardware and software.
I’m tempted to buy a Pixel watch too if they look good. I’m yet to purchase a smartwatch. I reckon I’ll pass on the Pixel 3 XL ( I have the 2) unless it’s a radical step up. My thinking is that the Pixel 4 will probably be 5G so I’ll upgrade then.



I wouldn’t mind a plain old highish end Android tablet for general content viewing and entertainment ,
a pixel book or surface pro not so much I think .
Some of the kinda half laptop/half tablets with keyboards , I’m not so keen on.
If I have a laptop , I like one that has all hardware with lots of plug ports and utility , and a proper cooling fan and goodies that come with a full size old style laptop .
Not overly fond of the sort of super thin hybrids .

Phillip Malone

Love that there may be a watch and would love the opportunity to think about a Pixel Book but both are only great announcements to me if they release them here in Australia!

I remember wondering with the power that last years had without, necessarily the apps that needed the power, that something would be coming and the ability to run Linux and the possibility to run WIndows seems that the ChromeOS is only getting more and more interesting!


Good on them, time they did this but with prices so high and billing overseas leaving us with big CC fees and then dodging taxes I am done buying hardware like this.