Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy Note 9 is to be complemented by a launch of a ‘Galaxy Watch’, according to rumours, as well as a leaked wireless charger carrying the branding. Now, we’ve got some more info about the watch, including the sizes and some colour options.

According to information received by SamMobile, the watch will be offered in two sizes, with 1.3-inch and 1.2-inch displays – model #s SM-R800 and SM-R810 according to filings with the FCC, as well as an LTE capable model: SM-R815. The 1.3″ display will measure 46mm across, while the 1.2″ model will be 42mm across.

The colour options of the watch will include Gold, Rose gold, Black and Silver colour options, though SamMobile cautions that the smaller 42mm version may only be offered in Rose Gold and Silver colours.

SamMobile believes that though the watch carries Galaxy branding, the branding they use on their Android devices, the watches will still run Tizen rather than the Wear OS a number of people would like it to.

As for when we’ll see the watches, SamMobile believes they’ll be released in the US on the same day as the Galaxy Note 9, so it’s possible with Samsung’s love of global launches that we’ll see them here very soon after, or on the same day they launch there.

Source: SamMobile.
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    Paul Drake

    The issue with Tizen is that multiple credible sources have indicated it’s very poorly coded at its core especially around security. I have the s3 frontier. It’s great as a smartwatch with no real functionality outside default Samsung apps, which is OK.. But with assistant getting so much better I am finding it harder to want to stick with Tizen.

    Les Ran

    There’s nothing wrong with the Tizen OS, except that it’s not Google. Google’s navigation is better than anyone else’s. Google’s search engine is better, and Google Assistant is better. Monopoly, maybe, but it’s good stuff. Watches need a digital assistant, as touch input is harder. No doubt Samsung will include its own assistant, Bixby, which nobody wants. And no Google maps, or voice navigation guided by Google maps. It’s not because Google is a monopoly that people want to use its products. It’s that they are simply better. But I also have a soft spot for Tizen, having followed it… Read more »


    A bit clickbaity with that hero image guys…

    David Anderton

    Was going to say the same thing


    Yes, having a standard circular image later contradicts the first and screams clickbait.


    and we see who is screeming….😂😂


    good reason