Samsung’s AR Emoji are a major feature for their Galaxy S9 phones, and with a new Note 9 about to launch they’re looking at improving it even more with a new update that will let you edit your AR Emoji to look just like you.

In the latest update which has started rolling out now, Samsung says that they’ve improved facial tracking with a ’65-percent increase in ‘landmark detector’ points’ tracking your eyes and mouth more precisely. They’ve also improved the frame-rate with the boost meaning your AR Emoji will look smoother and more natural when mimicing your movements.

In terms of customisations, Samsung says they’ve improved the editing functions available to make sure your emoji looks just like you. After you receive the update, Samsung says you’ll be able to ‘easily make detailed adjustments to their AR Emoji’s hair, ears and facial features’. They will also be introducing a new My Emoji Editor which will allow you to fine tune how the eyes, nose, lips, cheeks or other facial features look in your AR Emoji.

Samsung hasn’t said when the update will be rolling out in various markets, but it has appeared along with the July Security Update on our test Galaxy S9. You’ll likely have to wait for your carrier to test and distribute your update before you receive it if you’re on a plan, but if you bought your phone outright you may have it sooner than you think.

Source: Samsung.