On August 10, Melbourne time, Samsung will take to the stage in New York to announce the phone we know nearly everything about. We have had a few blurry pictures of the Galaxy Note 9 leaked but today we have seen a HD “unboxing” leaked, confirming some details and revealing even more.

While the unboxing does seem to have a legitimate Galaxy Note 9 it is unclear whether the box is real. The box seems to have a plastic screen protector which would be very un-Samsung. Those manufacturers who do include the screen protectors with new phones tend to install them in the factory — placing a plastic screen protector on a curved display is extremely difficult. There is also a USB-C to microUSB converter as well as what appears to be a couple of chargers (unsure why – review device only?).

On the box we can see some specs that match what has been rumoured and although anyone with some ingenuity could make such a box. There is the 6.3 inch (full rectangle) quad-HD sAMOLED display — 6.2 inch rounded corners — along with IP68 water and dust resistance, 64GB of onboard storage with 6GB of RAM (for the T-Mobile version). Let’s not forget about the wireless charging and earphones “tuned by AKG”.

The Galaxy Note 9 itself looks to be legit with the fingerprint sensor and rear cameras in the apparent correct location — but keep in mind we have seen some decent fakes surfacing around the internet in recent times. At this stage take it with your usual grain of salt and fear not, the official unboxing is only a couple of weeks away.

Source: Sammobile.
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Tom Sekulic

Looks a bit thicker than Note 8. Let’s hope it comes with a bigger battery.


You gotta remember though that Samsung tried cramming a 3500mAh cell into an area that was too small, on top of the poorly designed battery. If they increase the battery capacity by doing things like making the phone slightly thicker and increasing the battery cavity then I’m sure that’ll be fine.

Anthony Klun

Definitely a “HDC” clone.


That dodgy 9 on Note9 give it away. It’s obviously fake.