In episode 2 of the Samsung rumour files today Samsung have revealed the existence of the Galaxy Watch, albeit without a price at this stage.

Until now the Galaxy Watch has only been rumoured but someone seems to have flicked the switch for the Galaxy Watch on the Samsung website a tad early. Briefly on the Samsung US website a 42mm Rose Gold variant of the Galaxy Watch showed up. The image reveals a few interesting pieces of the Galaxy Watch puzzle.

Credit: Android Police

The image shows a 42mm variant, and mentions this, suggesting that there are other size variants — we have seen rumours of 42mm and 46mm variants. There is also the Bluetooth mention suggesting that there is also an LTE variant — which of course has been rumoured and would come as no surprise.

As has also been rumoured the watch may run Wear OS, although we have seen reports differing between Wear OS and Tizen. The change in name, and its location on the website in amongst “Gear” smartwatches, suggests that it may well be running Wear OS. The other alternative may be that Samsung are just getting their brandings all together under the well-known Galaxy line/name.

Whatever the case, if the Galaxy Watch looks as good as the Gear S3 it will no doubt be a great seller. We will of course most likely seeing the Galaxy Watch here in Australia, although we may not see all variants such as an LTE version. Hopefully we find out more on August 10. Watch this space.

Source: CNET.
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Les Ran

Personally, I like function over form. So I’d prefer a watch with a square face rather than round. In fact, I’d even like a watch that is a large horizontal rectangle. Something like that could replace a phone. Let’s see if Google releases its Pixel watch in October / November.