Yet another day where we are seeing multiple Samsung leaks. The trickle of leaks is becoming a flood. The first one today (because let’s face it, it probably won’t be the last) comes courtesy of Android Headlines and shows off the Galaxy Note 9 in three different colours.

Just a week ago we saw a blue Galaxy Note 9 with yellow S-pen render leaked by our friend Evan Blass and now today we see not only confirmation of that colour but also the existence of two other colours from Android Headlines.

Credit: Android Headlines

The three colours as you can see are blue, black and brown although of course some marketing exec at Samsung will come up with more descriptive names for each of these colours. As you can see in the picture above there is a different coloured S-pen for each coloured phone — my favourite is the blue with yellow S-pen.

The interesting thing about the Android Headlines renders is the presence of accessories with each phone. These could be gifts for each colour but we’re not so sure. If Samsung are indeed announcing the Galaxy Watch at the same time as the Note 9 why would they give away the Gear S3, a two year old smartwatch, with a brand new phone when they want everyone to be talking about the new watch. On the other hand Samsung may announce the Galaxy Watch a few weeks later and use this free accessory offer to clear out old stock but then that would cannibalise sales of the new watch most likely.

The other accessories included in the renders are Icon X earbuds and a wireless charging standDeX desktop stand. It is not unusual for Samsung to give away freebies with new phones but we would be surprised if the accessory given away varied with the colour of the phone.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be announced on August 10 AEST in New York along with possibly a Galaxy Watch. We will bring you all the action on the day as well as every tidbit of information we can find between now and then.

Are you looking at purchasing the Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Watch once it arrives here?

Source: Android Headlines.
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Pretty sure that’s a dex dock not a wireless charger with a port in the bottom of it.


yeah, that’s what I thought and he did change that. well caught.