Mesh networking has revolutionised the home WiFi market, and today Netgear has announced the next generation of their Orbi Whole Home Wifi System in Australia.

The new Orbi WiFi System offers ‘unparalleled WiFi coverage’, which Netgear says has been designed specifically to support better WiFi mesh networking for homes and properties up to 555 square meters. The new Orbi will offer speeds up to 2.2Gbps using their FastLane3 technology through four high-gain antennas mounted internally in each of the Orbi router and satellite modules.

David Henry, senior vice president of Connected Home Products for NETGEAR says that ‘No matter the size of your home, you deserve the best WiFi experience possible’.

The modules themselves are stylish in design, and like a lot of the newer generation of routers these days, they look stylish and tend to fade away allowing them to be used in plain sight, allowing for better WiFi reception all round.

Netgear says that the Orbi is easy to setup, with the whole system taking just a few minutes to setup securely in your home. The dedicated Orbi app, or any web browser is all you need to get it going. Parents can also utilise the Circle with Disney Smart Parental Controls that are available on the Orbi to manage the time and content seen by children attaching to the router.

As well as easy setup and maintenance, you’ll also find integration with Google Assistant, allowing you to perform functions like disabling the Guest network or restarting the router, all from a voice command. There’s also an Alexa Skill for Netgear, but at the moment it’s geo-restricted to the US, but hopefully Netgear can fix that up fairly easily.

The Orbi is available through authorised NETGEAR partners, major retailers and online in two configurations with a single Orbi 2.2Gbps router (RBR20) and a single satellite (RBS20) priced at AU$369, or with a single Orbi router with two satellites for AU$499.

Source: Netgear.
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    Tia Porter

    We’ve had this setup for months, it’s great coverage! The Orbi system is awesome.