Optus has this week announced that their $2 Days 3G Ready plan is going to be more expensive, bumping the plan up from $2 per day to $3 for unlimited everything on their 3G network.

The $2 Days 3G Ready plan has been around for some time, but as of August 26th the plan will now change from what used to cost on average $60 per month ($2 x 30 days) to around $90 per month ($3 x 30 days) – a 50% increase.

Optus is currently sending TXT messages out to customers advising them of the impending change, and has also released a blog post on the change.

The change is a big one for loyal Optus customers who have enjoyed unlimited data on 3G, with many users on Whirlpool looking to update their plans to 4G connections with a load of data – something that’s getting easier these days with most carriers now offering plans with unlimited data, albeit at slower speeds once your data cap is reached.

For any $2 Days 3G Ready plan users wanting refunds on existing MyCredit balance Optus is offering options. Any customer with existing credit who remains on the plan to August 26th will receive an additional credit of 50% of their balance based on the current balance on the 24th of August.

If you’re on the $2 Days 3G Ready plan with Optus then you can find all, or most of your questions answered in their blog about the change.

Source: Optus.
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    Julie Helper

    Its expensive but ive been on the three dollar day pkan since it started.. there was a choice of $1 $2 and $3 days. Then they wiped the $1 & $3 dollar days without informing thier custmerd and it sat at $2 for about 3 yrs .. then they bumped up to $3 dollars .. back to $2 and now its at $3 again.. really uts been changed so many times with just an sms if u been a loyal customer.. u would already kniw this .. My issue about them upping the price is the fair go policy that… Read more »


    What i don’t get is how there not able to change from having unlimited data to 500mb for the people that still have the unlimited data but they able to change the plan to add more money


    Will this $3 day be for ppl on the 4g network or just who using 3g


    This 50% price increase from Optus is now subject to a complaint to the Ombudsman and the NSW Fair Trading Commission. When I bought the phone and signed up for the account there was no mention of any right which Optus has of jacking up the price like this or of forcing users onto other accounts. Optus is using ambiguous language for a reason, saying it is no longer providing the $2 a day plan, when in fact it is, but at $3 i.e. it is a blatant and obvious price increase to those they lured into the account called… Read more »

    Brad Andrews

    Lol mate it was a bloody pre paid plan, surely Optus would have the right to change the plan on a month to month basis if they wanted to. It would be up to the customer if they wanted to stay or look elsewhere due to their being no contract. Time to move on.


    I had a optus staff member tell me on live chat that they were shutting down the 3g network and that the new $3 days that we are being moved to is then going to be moved to 4g but they will not be able to offer the same features which I pointed out to him contradicts the optus website statement which says it is a 3g service still just costing $3 now and not $2 , I am forwarding that chat transcript to the ombudsman with my complaint and refusal to be charged more for the same service .… Read more »


    Has anyone heard anything back from the Ombudsman and Fair Trading Commission re this 50% increase. Its absolutely ridiculous and I just found out about it. ave never received any notification from Optus previously. And just received a text saying my balance was low, when I was suppose to have at least $60 left. Furious.

    Les Ran

    With 5G networks coming next year, it won’t be long before Telcos will start thinking about closing down their 3G networks.

    Maybe an easy way to do this is to jack up the price of 3G, to encourage customers to 4G. With less customers on 3G, they can then reallocate some of the 3G spectrum and towers to 5G.


    Not going to help. VoLTE is only just being deployed so it will be a decade before they can start shutting down 3g


    Nothing but problems on Optus for me, never again