Samsung sit atop of the Android world and the hottest games right now is Fornite so it is no surprise to hear a rumour that they will be teaming up for their upcoming releases.

According to a 9to5Google source Fortnite for Android will be launched in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Fortnite for Android will launch with the Galaxy Note 9 and be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 for 30 days.

Along with the exclusivity Samsung are also set to offer customers who pre-order a Galaxy Note 9 bonus US$100-150 worth of V-bucks for in-game spending. For those not interested in Fortnite there will be the offer of wireless AKG headphones.

The Galaxy Note 9 is rumoured to be available for pre-orders on August 14 with it shipping to the public on August 24. Using some basic maths (and the calendar) that puts Fortnite for Android available to everyone else (with compatible phones) on September 23 — something I suspect many are looking forward to.

It is great to see Fortnite arriving on Android, albeit after a short period of exclusivity. Hopefully that will allow Epic Games to iron out any bugs before the vast number of Android phones swamp it.

At this stage it is just a rumour and may even be US-exclusive. We can only hope these offers arrive Downunder too.

For Samsung to get an exclusivity on the release of Fortnite, the biggest game going around right now is a big coup. Samsung must really want to sell a lot of phones and if this is the support they are giving it I have no doubt they will.

Source: 9to5Google.
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Give it a few hours after release and it’ll be up on APKmirror…