Online storage, it’s like you can never have enough. Luckily today Dropbox is announcing they’re expanding their online storage for Professional and Business Standard users with an additional 1TB more space for no additional charge.

Dropbox says that users with Professional accounts will now have double their previous storage with 2 TB (2,000 GB) of storage, while Business Standard teams will get 1TB of extra space bumping them from 2TB to 3 TB (3,000 GB). Dropbox sees this as a great way for people to free up space on their phones, sync their projects to the cloud allowing them to work anywhere or share their large projects with clients over the web.

In Australia Professional accounts for individuals will set you back AU$23.25 / month if you bill yearly or AU$27.99 / month if you bill monthly, while Business customers pay AU$17.50 per user per month for yearly billing or AU$21 per user per month if you bill monthly.

Dropbox will be making the additional space available for new Business Standard and Professional accounts from today, while existing accounts will have to wait a while longer with Dropbox advising they would be’increasing storage for existing accounts in the coming weeks’.

Source: Dropbox.