There’s a massive nostalgia call for older mobile phone users when the classic Nokia game Snake is mentioned. HMD Global, the current champion of the Nokia mobile handset brand is bringing the game back, though this time as a filter for Facebook Camera.

HMD GLobal has launched Snake Real World and Snake Mask allowing you to either be the Snake, or play Snake anywhere in the real world in Augmented Reality (AR). The AR version of Snake utilises the rear camera, letting that snake munch through apples and grow on-screen wherever you are, while the Snake Mask filter flicks to the front-facing camera where a snake mask instantly applies to your face with apples hanging in the air nearby.

Snake Real World

Snake Mask

The launch of the game as an AR filter is built on the release of Snake for Facebook Messenger at Mobile World Congress last year says Pekka Rantala, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of HMD Global

Now we launch an even more immersive experience to fans by allowing them to be the snake itself and eat the apples with filters available on Facebook camera – here at HMD Global we are bringing the much-loved gaming icon to a new AR era’.

You can access the filters by going to the camera app in the Facebook app on your phone, or by clicking on the links here for both Snake Real World and Snake Mask.