After a successful run of Android Developer Previews for the Pixel phones, the rumours of when Google will launch the yet to be named Android P have been running rampant. Luckily Evan Blass is here to give us a fairly solid idea of when that will happen.

According to Evan, and whomever his usually impeccable sources are, August 20th is the date we can all expect Android P to be unleashed: August 20.

Google both released the full version of Android 8.0 and unveiled the name of the version: Oreo, as well as a statue on August 22nd last year – so the timing is about right.

In terms of what Android P will be called (Popcorn? Pavlova? Pez?) the team behind all the Android lawn sculptures, Themendous, have been working hard on it if you check their Instagram :

If it’s August 20th in the US, it’s likely going to be August 21 here in Australia that we see the announcement. So if you have a Pixel or Pixel 2 phone, you should be getting an OTA on the day, or soon after or you’ll be able to grab those Images or OTA files from the Google Downloads page.

Source: @EvLeaks.
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    My Pixel XL 2 is downloading Pie now, I just received the notification to download and install it.

    jimmy cychowski