The Pixel 3 XL seems to have leaked out more than any other Google phone to date and that continues today, with an entry on Geekbench purporting to be the phone showing up.

The entry on Geekbench can certainly be faked, so take this with a grain of salt. Pointed to by leaker IceUniverse, the entry shows a device with a Snapragon 845, 4GB RAM and Android P on board, scoring a Single Core score of 2426 and a multi-core score of 8355.

The score for the device in comparison to other recent devices including the Galaxy S9/S9+ shows that Google has some work to do optimising the phone.

The specs line up with what we’ve heard rumoured, and also seen in Bootloader shots from leaked devices, so it’s highly possible this is legitimate. We should remember that if this is a Pixel 3 XL, then this is likely an engineering sample, though criticism for having ‘only’ 4GB of RAM is running rife

Google has not yet announced when we’ll see the Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL announced, though it’s expected to again be on, or close to the October 4th date that they’ve announced devices on in previous years. Once the phone is out we can likely see for ourselves how well the phone performs in the flesh.

Source: @UniverseIce.
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Re: 4 gb of ram , certainly 4 gb is adequate , by the same token , there will be times when it just does not perform as well as a 6 gig model .
Given the extortionate price for the google phones (alleged flagship devices) and their lack of even supplying a headphone jack or sd card …… or even a miserable set of ear buds with their current model ,
I would be expecting a minimum of 6 gb of ram with the new models .


I sincerely hope they offer it with 6 or even 8g of ram. Is it needed right now? No but down the track the extra ram will keep the phone quick. Their price is such that a lot of people will be looking to get two years at least out of this phone. I’m not convinced that 4g of ram can do this.


For those that have questioned why you need more ram it’s about how many apps the phone can store in memory for fast access . There is a few videos on YouTube that demonstrate a decent speed advantage in opening apps on a 6gb phone vs 4gb. Also due to the nature of Android the phone with more ram is less likely to show slow down a year or two later, there is many posts on the net reguarding the pixel 2 and speed degradation.


What is Snapragon? Is that what Qualcomm are replacing the Snapdragon with?


Don’t buy this incremental upgrade junk people. 6gb ram should be the standard for 2018. I’m using the original pixel and it’s fine, will easily last me another 2 years .


I very recently bought a Pixel 2 XL. I’m not a big fan of the notch and unless there are some breakthrough features of the Pixel 3/3xl I won’t be upgrading to the Pixel 3. The Pixel 3 probably should have 6GB of ram but hopefully it will still run well.


Pixel is a great phone. I SWITCHED from IPhone and haven’t looked back. The Pixel 3 will likely have juicy front facing speakers and out of this world sound. WHY? Google assistant is Google’s competitive advantage. She is SMART.

jimmy cychowski

Ive been using my pixel 2 xl for 6 months now, generally i love this smartphone, everything about this device is stellar, the only thing i wish it had was a headphone jack, as someone who loves listening to music, and with my last smartphone prior to the pixel 2 xl being one of the best for wired audio and the very underrated, the Htc10, i was hesitant to go the bluetooth route, but i have become accustomed to using bluetooth headphones now, and there are some quality awesome sounding ones available, (B&W p7 wireless, nuraphone, psb m4u 8) these… Read more »

David James

There are some great USB dongles out there that will match or best what the HTC 10 output. The Razor one gets some good reviews, but a bunch of others too. Make sure to check compatibility with your device.

jimmy cychowski

I’ve moved on to Bluetooth mate I have the headphones listed in my post, plus I hate adding dongles ,and I’m cable free for convenience and wired when at home, now most days I’m on Spotify anyway which at its best stream or download is 320kbps, I do have lossless files that do sound a bit better, but I’m more than happy with Spotify.


Why only 4gb ram? Pretty much every flagship this year has 6gb or even more. This is just Google being cheap and cutting costs, though no doubt the phone will retail for $1,400+ for the XL model makimg it one of the most expensive phones on the market again. I’ve been a Pixel owner since the original and currently have the 2XL, but I’m reconsidering getting the Pixel again this year. – big ugly bezels + large notch – LG OLED screen again – single rear camera – 4gb ram I mean, might as well pick up the OnePlus 6… Read more »

Shahil Prasad

Interesting article on arstech about Android battery optimisations and the effect of ram of it.

Battery vs extra ram benefits would be subjective.


Had all the nexus phones and then both pixels. Seriously considering a move to a Nokia or other vanilla device this year. Pixel 3 just doesn’t look that impressive.


Because there is no benefit to 6. What do you need 6 for that can’t be done with 4?