If you’re looking to expand the amount of Google Home devices in your home, then a good deal on both Google Home and Google Home Mini from Telstra should have your attention.

Telstra has taken 30% off both of their Google Home devices, with the Google Home reduced from $199RRP to $139, while the Google Home Mini – apparently in Chalk colour only – has been reduced from $79RRP to $55. Shipping to addresses in Australia from the Telstra on-line store is free. You can also use AfterPay which my wife tells me is something akin to the second coming for bargain shoppers.

Kogan too has the Home and Home Mini on-sale, though you will have to pay for shipping from them. Kogan offers the Google Home for $139, while the Home Mini is priced at $59 with the added bonus of offering it in all three colours: Charcoal, Chalk and the usually Google Store exclusive (and hot) Coral colour.

Competition is of course rather fierce, so we checked around the retailers in Australia who sell both the Google Home and Google Home Mini:

Google Home Mini Google Home
JB Hifi $59 $179
The Good Guys $74 $179
Officeworks $59 $179
Bing Lee $78 $179
Harvey Norman $59 $199
David Jones $79 $199
David Jones $79 $139
Kogan $59 $139

The best part of this for bargain hunters is the potential to get Officeworks to price match the deal where you should be able to snag an additional 5% off meaning you should pay around $132.05 for Google Home, or $52.25 for Home Mini – though Officeworks is notoriously fast at dropping their prices to avoid this so get in fast.

Google has expanded functionality of all their Home devices, and it gets better day by day (no Routines yet, but Google says ‘Watch this space’ for Australia), so if you want to expand your collection, or simply try one out this is a good way to go.

Source: Telstra.
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    Bryan Paul

    Google Home at Telstra for $139.- is fake news!


    You could be onto something here – there’s no links to the Telstra sale above but there is to Kogan, why is that?

    Going to the Telstra website I can find the Home Mini but it is $79 still – and not only that if you fall for “professional installation” (WTF TELSTRA) you pay $223???!! What is this madness