Google Home is getting a bit more contextually aware according to some reddit users who this week found their Google Home can now control lights just in the room they’re in.

The change simply means you can now say ‘Ok/Hey Google, turn off/on the lights’ and Google Home will turn off the lights only in that room, without requiring you to qualify what room you’re referring to.

Google has confirmed to Android Police that the functionality is indeed rolling out to ‘some devices’ and should spread to more over the next few days. Google has also advised you can still turn all of your lights on or off by simply including the word ‘All’ in your command, or by naming individual lights.

Of course with this new functionality it will mean you’ll now want a Google Home device in each room you have a Smart Light bulb in. Time to start checking for special deals or giveaways on Google Home Mini.

Source: reddit.
Via: Android Police.
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    Finally! So happy they implemented this


    Wasn’t this always a feature? I’ve had this working since they came to Australia. Assigning devices and GHs to each room in the Google Home app always allowed commands to happen directly. When outside of that room, you have to say the name of the room with the command.


    Actually, I think I’m wrong. Just tested this and it only appears that this works with one of the lights I have. I haven’t noticed that I’ve been naturally calling the lights by their location name all the time. My bad.