October 4th has, for the last two years, been the date we’ve seen the latest and greatest hardware made by Google and it appears Google is going for a trifecta with plans for a third October 4th event this year.

In a post to Famebit, a social media influencer marketing platform owned by Google which connects YouTube creators and brands for marketing campaigns; a post seemingly from Google looking for Canadian YouTube creators who are willing to spruik the Pixel 3. The advertisements lists the launch date for the phone as October 4th as you can see in this video from This Is Tech Today:

Android Police has gone to the extra step of logging in to Famebit to check out the listing, posting screenshots of it as well.

The advert on Famebit is far from an official announcement of the Made by Google 2018 event, however based on their previous announcements taking place on the 4th of October for the last two years it seems there may be weight to this rumour.

We’re expecting to see some great hardware at this years event, including both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones as well as second generations of their Pixel Buds and a Pixelbook with slimmer bezels, and even a Google branded Pixel Watch (or 3).

As usual, we’re excited to see what Google has to offer, but we’ll have to wait just a little longer to find out if this is official or not.

Source: ThisIsTechToday.
Via: AndroidPolice.
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Thanks for including the attribution, friends!

jimmy cychowski

Hopefully I’ll be picking up a pixel watch 👍🏻

Jason Forsyth

I guess my dream of a new Pixel Android TV is dead.

Long live Android TV… sigh. Android TV is more or less dead 🙁


This is far from confirmation your headline with all those products is happening on that day…