It’s a big day for Google, and Android today with the announcement of Android 9 being released as well as naming the version: Android Pie. As well as naming the latest version of Android after a tasty treat, Google has also unveiled the latest Android lawn statue at the Google plex.

The unveiling was fittingly planned for 3:14pm – you know, Pi, the approximate value of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (about 3.141592..) – in front of the Googleplex where the statue denoting the current version of Android is placed before being moved either in front of building 44 (where the Android team is based) or down in front of the Google Merchandise store on Landings Drive.

The statue was designed, again, by custom sculpture design centre Themendous where it was created by Giovannic Calabrese who has been working on the sculpture in his New York based studio.

We’ve checked out the Googleplex and the Android Lawn sculptures a few times over the last couple of years and you can see them and the rest of the Googleplex in this tour we did last year.

For Pixel and Pixel 2 owners we’re excited to see what’s in the full version of Android 9.0 which is rolling out to our phones now, but the question now is: What is Android Q? There’s not exactly a lot of tasty treats starting with Q, perhaps another partnership with Nestlé to launch Android Quik would be a possibility? We’ve already started our campaign for Android T, but what do you think for Android Q?

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    warning, do not eat, not as tasty as it looks


    also, Q for Qoo

    Les Ran

    If it’s an ‘Android Pie’ (not a cherry pie), then maybe our Android character should be in the pie, not standing next to it.


    It’s referred to by Goog as “Android 9 Pie”, so perhaps there should be nine pies then? Or a pie full of 9’s?


    Unveiling time; cute ^_^ (<<also, statue cute too)